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Anyone else not heard from offered school yet??

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Misty9 Sun 12-Jun-16 23:06:48

Ds got third choice school offer and we are yet to hear from the school themselves yet. Luckily we have friends with older children in the school so we know about the fortnight settling in July, but is this normal practice to be so late with communication - or a sign of things to come...? sad

planesick Sun 12-Jun-16 23:28:27

We haven't heard either. Mixed aged classes. 15 nursery and 15 reception age. LO not in the nursery, I am worried she will be the only newbie and so they aren't going to bother with transition.
It is such a big deal to get the move right, I am surprised schools wait so late to contact parents.
I feel your pain.

Andcake Mon 13-Jun-16 11:32:19

We heard 2 weeks back - had emailed the school to chase but a letter arrived almost the same day. Get in contact with the school and just ask...

TinyTear Mon 13-Jun-16 11:38:55

I haven't heard anything. don't even know that I was supposed to
Might send them an email...

planesick Mon 13-Jun-16 11:41:40

I emailed them and they said the teacher would contact us after half term. I am going to wait til the end of this week.

TinyTear Mon 13-Jun-16 11:50:53

just emailed and they are sending letters towards the end of this week...

KohINoorPencil Mon 13-Jun-16 18:03:10

There will have been no time before now with SATs and the phonics check this week. They will still be organising staffing for next year and other things to have in place.

Do not expect six weeks' notice for school events- it ain't going to happen!

MrsHathaway Mon 13-Jun-16 18:14:21

We have our new starters meeting tomorrow so it fits in round the other eleventy-six events before the end of term.

Just in case ... you did all actively accept your places, didn't you? Some people are caught out every year thinking the letter/email on 15/4 is confirmation of the place rather than an offer you have to accept.

SpeakNoWords Mon 13-Jun-16 18:31:01

Doesn't it depend on your LA? For ours, it was quite clear on the email in April that if you were happy with your offered school, you didn't need to take any further action. So you didn't need to do anything to "accept" the offer.

MrsHathaway Mon 13-Jun-16 18:50:57

That's good. But it isn't the case everywhere. I don't want to worry anyone unnecessarily so if you're panicking you might just glimpse at your letter/email for the word "acceptance".

SpeakNoWords Mon 13-Jun-16 18:55:15

Yes, I also didn't want anyone with an LA system like mine to worry that they hadn't "accepted" the place when there was no need to. It seems unfortunate that different authorities have different systems - seems to add to the confusion!

Misty9 Mon 13-Jun-16 19:04:22

Ours was one you don't have to do anything to accept it. I realise we won't get lots of notice for school events but, given we have to accommodate and fit in with a two week settling period at the beginning of July, I thought a bit more notice would be given! Luckily it doesn't present too much of an issue for us.

quarkandmarmite Mon 13-Jun-16 22:24:42

Absolutely nothing!

My DS attends a nursery attached to the school and there has been no communication whatsoever from the school regarding meetings, class teachers, settling in and 'meet the teacher' days - nothing!

I am a teacher at another school in the same LEA and my school has sent prospectuses, letters with details of 'meet the teacher' and a parent/head teacher meeting already.

TBH, I favour my own teaching school's approach - communicating with parents in good time. My child's school seems a bit 'blase' with it all because most children attending the reception class (it is actually 1 reception class with some children in a mixed reception/year one class) with only about a handful coming from outside nurseries.

quarkandmarmite Mon 13-Jun-16 22:26:50

MrsHathaway some LEAs do not require you to do anything about accepting.

In my LEA we had a registration form that had to be handed in which was 'our way' of accepting the offer.

goes to check child's bag to ensure it WAS handed in over a month ago

Iwantagoonthetrampoline Mon 13-Jun-16 22:30:23

Opposite here. We had emails from the school the day the offer emails were sent by the lea - before we'd even accepted the place!

MrsHathaway Mon 13-Jun-16 22:35:14

It seems unfortunate that different authorities have different systems - seems to add to the confusion!

You're not kidding! Like "national" offer day hmm

quarkandmarmite Mon 13-Jun-16 22:39:17

Some authorities gave offers on the Friday (and then worried parents who didn't get their choice had to suffer over the weekend) but most on the Monday and even then, London boroughs (apparently) gave the news after 5pm (probably to avert phone disaster!) whereas my county gave the news after 9am via email BUT we could log into the system and find out after midnight 9 hours earlier!

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