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Brambletye or Cottesmore Pre-Prep

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MoominAndRoo Wed 08-Jun-16 12:46:59

Hi everyone,

Completely new to Mumsnet but am really desperate for some advice from anyone with any kind of experience with these two schools.

They both seem like lovely schools; both have advantages/disadvantages, as with any school, but I would really love to hear of any experiences or opinions. We are looking to start our daughter at one or the other for her reception year this coming September, and then our Son in a couple of years time.

My daughter has a May birthday, and on top of that she is quite young for her age (she was quite premature so is still catching up), but quite easily overwhelmed and generally anxious. We want to place her somewhere that will encourage her to grow in confidence, and will provide her a helping hand if necessary.

If anyone has any advice, it would be so greatly appreciated! I'm so worried that I will make the wrong choice for her!

Thanks smile

MissoniMad Sun 03-Jul-16 19:41:41

Hi, I have these two schools on my shortlist too! My DC is older than yours but is also quite immature.

I know parents with kids at Brambletye and I've been wondering if it is becoming a bit hothousey? I like the idea of Cottesmore but their exit results are very impressive, which made me wonder if it might also be a bit of a hothouse or if weaker students are ever asked to leave? What are your views on these two schools? Any info appreciated!

PM me if you prefer.

loopygoose Tue 20-Sep-16 16:28:49

Cottesmore isn't remotely a hothouse. It's the most wonderful nurturing, kind, actively life-enhancing school and I feel very grateful to have found it. One of mine is a May child and she's thriving there. They do everything they can to support children, whatever their abilities, and their attitude is 'have fun, be kind and work hard'.
Both my children rave about the lessons, every child counts on the sports field, and I already feel sad that my children will have to leave the school at some point.
PS I've seen a lot of other schools because I have two much older step-daughters.

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