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Advice please! Moving to Harpenden sept 2016

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Tcos Mon 06-Jun-16 12:02:37

Really need some advice please. we have finally decided to move to Harpenden, completing the sale of our house in 2 weeks and all things going well, the date to complete the new house in harpenden is September.
My eldest daughter will be just 3 then, im thinking of school nurseries vs private nursery at the mo...for school nursery's do they do "in year" applications, im yet to follow up on this one.
if so, what are the good ones, OFSTEAD reports are years and years old. We will be relocating about .2 miles from the grove, high beeches and .9 from St Dominics (my girls are baptized)
i have done my basic research on league tables, OFSTEAD reprots and catchments, its a bit confusing for me still and would really like to get some advice from the local mums.

1) Is st Dominics an auto-feeder to st georges (is there such a thing as an auto feeder to st george's)?
2) WHat are good nurseries linked to the schools im close to
3) Private nurseries -we have a visit scheduled to see the harpenden day nursery next week (Asquith), any advice on private nurseries?
4) any other advice
Thanks much x

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