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Feeder Schools for Wilson's School in Sutton (Surrey/London)

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mrstina Sun 05-Jun-16 10:06:07


My question is really detailed as above. It is (almost) time for the littl'un to enter school and living in Sutton, there seems to be a great choice of selective state secondary schools that match up with the top independent schools.

However, with the independent schools it is easy to find out what schools they feed to, but I am just wondering about which schools feed to Wilson's.

Many thanks for any advice

merlottime Sun 05-Jun-16 12:57:09

There aren't any formal feeder schools - as in priority entry - for Wilsons. It is a super selective, and entrance is dependant on scoring highly in their 11+ test. People try to get into Wilsons from a wide distance, so it is very competitive. I am not aware that any state primaries actively prepare for the exams. I think as a result most schools may have a handful of people that get I to one of the super selective so, but how much of this is down to the school and how much is down to preparation outside of school is hard to judge.

mrstina Sun 05-Jun-16 19:23:06

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I get this, but is there anywhere has a better record than average of children getting in to this school?

Many thanks for any advice

RueDeWakening Sun 05-Jun-16 20:00:42

No state primaries (certainly within Sutton) actively prepare kids for the 11+ test. It's all on the parents. That said, the borough is blessed with a high number of very good and outstanding primary schools, many of which do regularly send at least a few children to Wilsons (and WCGS/Sutton/WHSG/Nonsuch). EG Stanley Park, Bandon Hill, Barrow Hedges, Woodcote (in Croydon borough).

Judging by talk in the playground, most people start preparing/tutoring their child either themselves or via a tutor at the end of year 4/start of year 5.

mrstina Thu 09-Jun-16 06:37:55

Thanks for the responses.

SaturdaySurprise Thu 09-Jun-16 16:38:51

State primary schools aren't going to prep the children for the exams. Also private schools going to age 13 don't want lots of kids leaving at 11. You have to do it yourself or pay a tutor.

Our primary school usually gets 3-5 children into the Sutton/Kingston grammar schools (we are in Merton), but that won't affect an individual child's chances. Our school barely acknowledged that the exams were going on (except to nag us to bring children back to school after the exams) and I get the feeling that the headteacher doesn't approve of grammar schools. I had my son's teacher make out that getting a child to sit an exam on a Saturday was really mean.

Your child hasn't even started school yet so you don't know whether he'll be academic enough for Wilson's. It's also not like you can pick and choose with state primary schools. You really need to apply for those near you and keep your fingers crossed.

I have a son at Wilson's. It's a great school, but you're jumping the gun a bit.

mrstina Fri 10-Jun-16 06:49:40

Many thanks

I prefer to be cognisant of the options earlier rather than later.

Dozer Fri 10-Jun-16 06:51:38

Hefty tutoring by parents or paid tutors is the norm.

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