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Schools in Nantwich

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OutIntoTheBlue Thu 26-May-16 11:25:57

We're moving due to husbands new job, and weighing up different areas, Nantwich is high up the list (think we've narrowed it down to Nantwich and Audlem). Any recommendations for good primary schools in Nantwich? Have 2 DC who will be in Reception and Year 4 next school year, have got myself v confused by the Cheshire East admissions website about whether schools are over-subscribed. Where's good to live with good schools please? All advice welcome!

admission Thu 26-May-16 12:21:49

Nantwich is a real growth area in terms of pupil numbers, so there are few spare places in local schools. All the local Nantwich primary schools are good or outstanding. Audlem has the one school and then a couple outside of the village.
Looking at the age of your children, they present individual admission problems. Most of the local schools will have to take into consideration infant class size regs, so you will find it very difficult to win an appeal for a local school. It will be about which school has places in reception for September. If you chose to live in Audlem there may well be a longer distance to travel to school if you do not get into the village school.
Your older child in year 4 in September you also need to be starting to think about secondary schools. There are two secondary schools in Nantwich, Brine Leas and Malbank. The former is the current go to school but both are over subscribed, so you may need to consider the catchment areas for these schools in your thoughts. If you do not get places at the Nantwich secondary schools then the next secondary schools are a distance away in Shavington and Crewe
Your best bet is to speak to CE school admissions team and ask them where there are places in Nantwich schools for September, as a first step to finding a house.

OutIntoTheBlue Thu 26-May-16 12:43:33

Thanks Admission thats really helpful. Have tried the Chesh East School Admissions number a couple of times and not been able to get through, a busy time for them I guess. I spoke to the school in Audlem and they possibly have spaces for them both, but you're right, I hadn't realised the different processes for Reception and then Yr 4, and need to be living there already to apply for a reception place....a logistical challenge right now!

admission Thu 26-May-16 21:43:33

Actually they are wrong about needing to be living there to apply for a place in reception.
If it was earlier in the year it would be the case, but now that any waiting list is formed, it is in effect an in-year application. You could apply from your current address and if they had places and no waiting list then they would have to accept the applications. Thing is they would expect you to start the year 4 pupil well before the end of term and the reception age child in September. Until you are clear where you will be living that is a bit of an ask and why they are saying must have address.

SpaghettiMeatballs Fri 27-May-16 08:34:56

Nantwich is lovely. You'll enjoy living there.

Not sure if you've seen this? This is the information on how reception places were allocated on allocation day. Obviously appeals, waiting lists etc might have changed the data since then but it could be a good place to start?

The only thing I'd say about Audlum is that it is a good 20 minute drive from Nantwich which could get annoying when you're going anywhere. I think it depends on whether you are used to living out of town.

OutIntoTheBlue Thu 02-Jun-16 09:31:45

Thanks again, and that link very helpful spaghetti

We're 90% settled on Audlem, space in the school for both kids and now to find a house....eek

And thanks admission the reception place application is via our existing LA, so the address thing was a bit of dud info it seems

SpaghettiMeatballs Sun 05-Jun-16 22:48:34

Good luck with your move OP.

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