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Reading levels, again........

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charleybarley Mon 23-May-16 14:38:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Loulou2kent Mon 23-May-16 15:41:41

Have you made a note in his diary for the teacher? I would just ask at the end of the day or send a little email. Most children at my sons school in reception are on green now especially so late in the year. They tend to have to read 6-8 books in a band & be able to do so without help & understand the story well.

It seems abit weird that the majority of the class is on the same colour though. I would ask. It's not pushy if your child is getting bored of reading things he finds easy. It can make children lose interest & surely it's better for the teacher & the children to be challenging themselves??

charleybarley Mon 23-May-16 18:25:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

charleybarley Thu 26-May-16 13:27:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nilbyname Thu 26-May-16 13:35:28

I wouldn't be happy with that and DS was an early reader was on ORT purple within the first couple of months. Class teacher moved him on quickly but as the books became more complex he stayed longer on the levels as he didn't get the inferential meanings initially so we worked on that skill with basic books from school and read chapter books as well as picture books at home for pleasure.
DS was a free reader half way through year one, but that is just one skill.
Talk to the teacher?

nilbyname Thu 26-May-16 13:36:44

Or get more mileage put o the basic books?
We used to hot seat or character interview the characters, think of alternative endings, wonder why/how something happened the way it did. Think of rhyming/opposite/similar words.

charleybarley Thu 26-May-16 14:35:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lesshaste Thu 26-May-16 17:26:58

In my limited experience, at least at home I would gently ignore the books the school is suggesting for your child if you know they are at the wrong level. At least in our school no harm comes from just reading different books with your child at home that are more appropriate. I think in general some schools find it hard to cope with the huge variety in reading ability in the early years.

mrz Fri 27-May-16 06:51:53

Only the teacher can tell you why they work that way I'm afraid.
If every child is expected to read every book and progress at the same rate I'd question how they are teaching.

charleybarley Fri 27-May-16 10:51:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lesshaste Wed 06-Jul-16 18:01:59

Just to add to this. My DD read Swallows and Amazons recently (amongst other books) and is still given level 16 reading books in her book bag smile We just ignore them and no one seems to mind.

lesshaste Wed 06-Jul-16 18:07:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

irvineoneohone Wed 06-Jul-16 18:12:59

I think it is frustrating, but thing is, my ds who was a very advanced reader never got bored of reading any book. At one point, he was reading 3 books from school a night, but happily read same books again next week.It was short and easy. He just loved any books. He chose to read his own books at bed time, but never complained about books from school.

RosesareSublime Wed 06-Jul-16 19:05:57

Op I cant bear levels. Reading can take off so quickly, it makes a mockery of forcing dc to stay on them.

My dd reads all sorts and I was told she has to stay on L12 because the books higher are not suitable content?

A long time ago, I ingored the school books and made sure we encouraged reading at home in fun way.

RosesareSublime Wed 06-Jul-16 19:06:33

what concerns me is - if reading is so out of sync what are other areas like?

sirfredfredgeorge Wed 06-Jul-16 20:26:25

What I don't get about levels is what does it matter what level a kid is on?

DD's "reading level books" have never been more than 10 minutes a week, and a tiny, tiny minority of what she read in the week.

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