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Angry Teacher

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ElsieMc Thu 19-May-16 13:10:18

Overall we have been pleased with the primary school but ds's class teacher is newly qualified and seems to struggle with boundaries. I must say from the outset he is a good teacher which is accepted by the staff and pupils/parents.

He is quite alpha male, does a lot of sport, telling kids who have hurt themselves to man up etc. He is quick to anger although I realise that he has a difficult year group who are quite disruptive. My ds also heard him calling another pupil a little shit under his breath. He did not tell anyone other than me.

We had an incident where my gs was hurt in class and had a fat lip. The class was left unattended during lunchtime and it happened then with another pupil. When I asked the teacher what happened, he quickly started to blame my gs telling him this nonsense about not grassing had to stop etc. The deputy head was there , she looked shocked at him and told me he had handled it badly and she would have words.

This brings me to yesterday. Gs quiet when I collect. That evening he tells me he was sat with his feet outside the table area - they all have to sit facing the table with their feet underneath. He did this so he could easily see the teacher and white board. The teacher rushed over to him shouting and shoved his chair forcefully into the table. My gs was hit in the stomach by the table and his back was jolted. He was shocked.

He told me the teacher was stressed that day because some of them didn't understand what was being taught.

Can anyone offer some guidance.

teablanket Thu 19-May-16 13:13:37

Make an appointment to see the head ASAP. This is super inappropriate.

hesterton Thu 19-May-16 13:16:15

You can't have the little chap being pushed about like that.

You need to talk to ht.

ElsieMc Thu 19-May-16 13:19:05

Thanks. I think he may have had a warning already. I avoided posting this so as not to colour posters responses. I am going to speak to dh tonight.

BertPuttocks Thu 19-May-16 13:25:53

I would make an appointment with the person who is next in the 'chain' of the complaints procedure. In many schools that will be the HT or their deputy.

It sounds as though the teacher may need extra support if his stress levels are so high. The children also shouldn't be witnessing this.

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