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Parents getting involved in kids fights...

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LolaBre Wed 18-May-16 10:40:01

My dd, aged 12, has had a number of fights with her two friends at school recently. After the last fight the teacher kept them in after school to help them sort it out. So it was just us 3 parents left in car park when girls came out, 2 of them smiling and my dd in tears. I received txts from the 2 mams later that day, one more understanding and the other going on about all the things leading up to the fight... he said she said stuff, i know she was trying to help but felt like i was being attacked. I replied by saying all sounded pretty juvenile and that they would no doubt be friends soon again. She said she would get her dd to talk to mine next day which she did, in a funny voice: 'Are we still in a fight?' My dd replied 'dunno'. So e when this parent heard this she went nuts saying her dd had done nothing and she didn't know what my dds problem was and how it was not on keeping her dd in after school... and she was going into school about it.
The teacher tried to talk to kids again a week later but my dd mentioned something she had accidentally seen on my phone re a txt from other parent. This has now led to other parent getting hopping mad and she sent me voice msg/txts accusing my dd of spreading lies at school to teacher and other pupil about her and she has told me our dd's are no longer to be friends???
How to you handle that?
I have encouraged dd to play with other friends and to be on a friendly basis with the two girls in question. I have avoided the mother.
I have had no problems with the other mother.

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