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Y2 or Y6 SATS Re SIT

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ABPMum Sat 14-May-16 12:50:27

Hi, has anyone taken their kids out of school for SATS they are sure they will not pass, to avoid the stress on the child? Do you know if schools have a blanket to re sit tests, or would they just put your child down as a fail / unattended? Curious to know as if I get different responses I will assume it is down to the school. I would ask the school, but frankly I am certain I will get the answer they want to give just to manage the situation rather than the truth. Thanks

MrsKCastle Sat 14-May-16 13:04:51

The KS1 tests can be administered any time in May, so if your child is absent they will need to do them when they return. Unless they are absent for the whole of May.

KS2 tests have a shorter window, but I'm not certain of the exact details so will let someone else answer that.

If a child is absent for the tests, they will just get a teacher assessment result.

Mov1ngOn Sat 14-May-16 13:07:33

I'm likely to homeschool year 6

Year 2 at our school has been v low key about the actual sats which is ace. She doesn't really know she's doing them so I'm happy about that. The school down the road has anxious children that know scores/ panicked about next week.

ABPMum Sat 14-May-16 13:23:35

thanks Mov1ngOn and MrsKCastle - both answers really helpful.

spanieleyes Sat 14-May-16 13:38:13

KS2 SATs can be administered up to 5 days after the due date but only under specific circumstances. This does not include holidays. So if you took your child out for a holiday during SATs week, they would not sit the tests.

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