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Would it be OT to request meeting with deputy head to discuss schools curriculum and policies?

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Carrotsapples Tue 10-May-16 17:14:32

The school which my child goes to is not great in providing information. Other schools have details on their websites but my childs school doesn't.
Essentially i would like to know:

1) the schools handwriting policy and if they have a written version to have a full copy of it?
2)the specific curriculum details/mappings e.g. topics covered for Year 1

i have tried asking my child's reception teachers for year 1 curriculum details and have had no luck. I have tried asking the school main office admin staff and they are no help so I thought probably the deputy head might be a next best level as I cant think of anyone else?

Any thoughts/ideas?

Zodlebud Tue 10-May-16 17:21:13

Wait until your child starts in Year One - we were given a copy of all this stuff in the first week.

If it's not forthcoming then ask.

InternationalHouseofToast Tue 10-May-16 17:28:11

Is there a head of KS1 you could speak to, before going to the deputy head? They might have more information but won't necessarily be a Yr 1 teacher.

tinks269 Tue 10-May-16 17:39:42

If you want to know what year 1 will be learning look at the national curriculum. This wont give a termly break down but will give you the different areas and topics.

My school does not have a handwriting policy so it may be that it does not exist.

birdybirdbird Tue 10-May-16 18:04:48

We change our topics regularly based on the interests of the children, current events etc. They quite possibly don't even know which teachers will be in Year 1 next year, let alone have started planning topics! In the meantime, the National Curriculum will give you an overview of what they will study across the whole of KS1. I would expect some specifics to be sent home in September.

KohINoorPencil Tue 10-May-16 18:17:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CreepingDogFart Tue 10-May-16 18:26:00

The reception teacher won't know what is going to be covered in Year 1 next year. How ridiculous.

Witchend Tue 10-May-16 19:06:23

Why do you need it now? You usually get that sort of thing at the start of the year. They won't be prepared to give you something that hasn't been totally decided yet.

FeckinCrutches Tue 10-May-16 19:11:58

What on earth is a handwriting policy?

orangepudding Tue 10-May-16 19:14:06

We usually get a homework pack at the end of each school year which has details of the next school year topics. It also usually includes a reading list with book relevant to the next topic.

I really wouldn't book an appointment with the dep head to ask this question now.

Carrotsapples Tue 10-May-16 19:36:39

internationalhouseoftoast thanks I didn't think of that I.e head of year 1 .

Thanks for everyone's responses so far....

Other things to mention. The reason why I need these is because my child is delayed in learning. I'm in the middle of waiting for an assessment by the school but I've been told there are long waiting times. My child's case is not a clear cut one due to having a hidden disability.In the meantime I wanted to see details for next year so I can help my child gently catch up in a fun way. I don't feel confident about leaving it up to the school because in terms of standards it's not that great compared to others in the area.

Hulababy Tue 10-May-16 19:46:56

We have only recently introduced a new handwriting policy, and for a while before that we were in a transition phase and trialling a few systems. So, nothing online but we would have spoken to individual parents regarding handwriting if they came and asked the class teacher or TA.

As for a breakdown of topics. Well, for next academic year they are not yet finalised. Later this summer the teaching staff will et together and discuss this year - what worked well, what needs changing, etc. So, the topics may well change. We follow the general NC and we have a breakdown of what we will cover in y1 and y2, but not further than that for the coming year. We send out a topic curriculum map for the coming half term each year - normally on the first day back after the half term. This also has the optional homework menu on - we don't want children to spend their holidays doing the home learning, so don't send out til the first day of term. Children do normally know which topic is coming next as it is often talked about at school - just not officially notified to parents until after the holiday. We would, again, answer any questions to parents to the best of our knowledge if they asked the class teacher/TA though.

Hulababy Tue 10-May-16 19:49:17

The full key stage 1 curriculum is in this document, for every subject. English, Maths and Science are broken down into years 1 and 2; the other subjects aren't.

Lovelydiscusfish Tue 10-May-16 21:11:09

You are not being unreasonable to want this info. I'm a teacher (albeit in secondary) and am pleased when parents want information about the curriculum, as I feel it will enable them to better support and underpin the learning their child does in school.
I think contacting the leadership team is not entirely inappropriate, as long as you are potentially happy for them to delegate the job of answering your request to someone whose direct responsibility it is to do so. ( This is what I tend to do in these circumstances - it is acknowledged that parents won't necessarily understand exactly who is responsible for what in a school's structure - how could they when it's often complex- it's always best to pass on queries to the person best placed to answer them, I feel).
Also, don't be afraid to mention that you'd like to see certain info available on the website. School websites are often a work in progress, and this sort of feedback can be really constructive, when given in the right spirit.
Good luck!

TeenAndTween Wed 11-May-16 09:29:04

Details for next year aren't 'catching up' they are 'getting ahead'.

You may have more mileage in asking your reception teacher:
- how can I help DC with handwriting, can you show me how you are asking them to form letters
- what areas of maths should be practicing at home for DC, how do you suggest we do it

(For writing, are they printing or cursive or pre-cursive with entrance and/or exit flicks. How can you encourage good pencil grip. Other things that can help such as tracing lines, mazes, etc.)

(For maths, is he on counting up and down in 1s, or 2s or maybe 5s. What language are they using one more, one less etc. Any concepts of multiplying or dividing yet. Use of basic number lines yet. Any formal written maths yet. Shapes. Times e.g on the hour).

Ask now, and then ask again at the end of term for the holidays.

BertPuttocks Wed 11-May-16 09:39:57

At our school they regularly invite parents in to various events and talks where they go through what the children are learning in different areas of the curriculum. They also put a general overview on the website.

It might be worth approaching it from the perspective of asking whether the school could do more to provide information to parents as a whole, rather than purely on an individual level.

BlueChampagne Thu 12-May-16 13:11:20

Statutory policies should be on the school website, including curriculum map.

Have you considered being a parent governor, and help improve communication between school and parents?

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