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managing expectations & motivation

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pennygoodlife Tue 10-May-16 11:51:58

DS is in yr 5. He started a new school this year where there is a big emphasis on sport. He seems happy. He has mini tests each term where he's done ok, bang in the middle of the year, each term there is a dominant sport. He's managed to get on a sports team albeit the c's/d's. I've just found out he's been dropped from the cricket c team and is now in the 'academy'. The 'problem' is that most of the other boys play extra cricket, either at school or in a village club. I've explained to DS that if he wants to improve and make it in a higher team he needs to join a club and put more effort in. DS is reluctant and I'm not sure whether he's too shy to join a local team or what. I think he thinks a couple of (games) lessons in anything and he;'s the next flintoff/messi/wilkinson. For his own future self esteem I do really want him to be on the sports teams. The thing we're not a big rugby/cricket family DH doesnt play and we dont have any family influences either. How can I teach him that you have to put the effort in to get results, I know he's only 10 but he's my boy and I love him to bits, I dont want him to think I haven't made an effort to encourage him

Witchend Tue 10-May-16 19:14:14

A lot of sports things allow you to try out a session before committing. Worth asking, telling him he's just going to try and see if he likes it.

Alternatively find a sport he doesn't do in school and encourage him in that. That way he can enjoy school sports non-competitively and concentrate on one by himself.

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