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Northwood College for Girl and Orley Farm

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Ofelia15 Sun 08-May-16 23:05:50

Good evening. Could someone with a recent experience possibly comment on the above schools? We'll be sitting our DD for Jan17 assessments at few North London private schools, but those seem to be the most selective ones. Therefore we are looking for less selective schools too as the whole 4+ admission process seem to be one big lottery game. I heard in the past that OF school is more suitable for boys for some reason (?) and found here, on mumsnet, few nice comments on Northwood College from 2014. Could someone help please? We will obviously go for a tour at both schools, but seeing a school for an hour and studying there is not the same... Huge thank you in advance for all info!

angelpuffs Mon 09-May-16 06:47:06

Hi again Ofelia smile
I've heard from some mums that I know that Northwood college is a lovely school and definitely less selective than St Helens, Habs, NLCS. 2 of the mums had daughters who sat for St. Helens and Northwood college and the girls got into Northwood college but not St Helens. It's often used as a back up as its so close in location.
Can t comment on Orley farm- sorry.

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