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Best choice for Primary school - prospect house vs blackheath high vs royal russell

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nikidi Sat 07-May-16 11:52:39

We are relocating to London from Hong Kong this summer for husband's work and are looking to enroll our daughters in school in Sep16, in year 3 and 4.

Both girls are sporty (tennis/swimming) and arty than academic. So looking for a well rounded school than an academic hot house.

we were also told of vacancies in city of London freeman's, Ashtead , but have not done an assessment and it seems its very competitive to get in.

With hubby working in canary wharf, and ideally looking for a green area (park close by)to live in (hate the HK concrete and pollution!) , which school would be our best pick ?

Any insights or personal experiences with the schools would be really appreciated!!

chameleon43 Mon 09-May-16 12:07:23

Can't answer on all your schools but did want to say that am not sure Blackheath high would suit very sporty girls? the sports ground is not on site and they have no pool.

In the same area, Colfes would be a better choice IMO? Huge grounds and a pool.

But have just seen you need entry for this September - might limit your choices?

nikidi Mon 09-May-16 12:38:10

Thnx for the reply. Yes, Cole would have been our first option but is full.

How about royal Russell. ? And May have one vacancy in surbiton high .

City of London freemans are fine to asses the girls too..
How hard are these assessments? Didn't want to apply if our chances of getting in are low.

chameleon43 Mon 09-May-16 13:57:20

I don't know about the other schools sorry as not in the same area - Surbiton High would make for a long commute for your husband - and City of London freemen's is even further?

how about Farringtons (Chislehurst) or St Dunstan's (Catford)?

strawberrybubblegum Mon 09-May-16 22:56:35

Surbiton is on a fast train line - just 17 mins into Waterloo - so it's a pretty reasonable commute for London. Google says 40-50 mins station to station (Surbiton to Canary Wharf). Add walking time at either end (maybe 15 mins home to station and wait for train + 10 mins tube to office?).

Ashtead on the other hand is 45 mins to Waterloo, which gives a total station to station time of 1hr10 - 1hr20 (plus walking time). It's certainly a commuter town (and meant to be lovely) but many people would find that too far.

Surbiton/Kingston borders is a lovely area to live. Surbiton station (rather than Kingston) has the fast train but Kingston is good for shopping etc. The river is lovely there, and amazing Bushy Park is right on the doorstep (one of my very favourite parks!). The A3 also gives a quick escape route out of London on weekends.

I don't have personal experience of Surbiton High School but by reputation it sounds like it would be a good match: it isn't an academic power-house, but still very well respected. Also most of the girls progress naturally to the senior school so you don't have to worry about 11+. They certainly seem to provide plenty of sports/drama/art etc. If your daughters do well at assessment, I'd be surprised if they weren't able to find the second place - it's a big school and there's always going to be some movement.

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