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Bromley schools 2016

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Notveryzealous Fri 06-May-16 09:34:34

We're Bromely-ites and we'd very much like to know about the latest (ie this January 2016 catchment areas for schools) particularly Parish C of E school in London Lane. We're worried that if we have missed the catchment this year we'll have to move house (Orpington maybe).
Does anyone have any idea how to find this out?

Hooliesmoolies Fri 06-May-16 10:00:57

Best thing to do is phone the council. They will tell you the catchments for any Bromley school you are interested in.

NynaevesSister Fri 06-May-16 12:06:14

You can try this website but not all LAs have released admission distance info. If Bromley have it will be on here.

Note that catchment is a misnomer. What people commonly refer to as catchment is actually for most English schools the furtherest distance a child was admitted on offer day.

This can vary from year to year. And there may be factors you aren't aware of. For example you may be well within catchment this year - but the school had a bulge class that won't be there next year so you may be out of catchment.

The school may be about to expand - over the last five years all the schools around us have doubled in size.

The school may have a freakishly high number of siblings the year you apply.

You need to look closely at admissions criteria too. Some faith schools are so over subscribed by members of that faith that they give priority to those baptised at birth for example.

NynaevesSister Fri 06-May-16 12:07:21

Not Released distance info for the academic year 2016/2017 I meant.

Dungandbother Fri 06-May-16 13:38:02

I hear that Valley only went out to 0.18 miles this year.

The council will tell you the schools distances in first round allocation for this year if you call them.

WhattodoSue Fri 06-May-16 14:43:49

You can call them. They will tell you, you don't have to wait until they are formally released.

WhattodoSue Fri 06-May-16 14:44:05

The council, that is.

Notveryzealous Fri 06-May-16 15:39:10

ooh super helpful. Thanks for the input everybody.

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