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jsmith17 Tue 03-May-16 14:18:12

Hi, I am moving to the Stoke Mandeville area shortly and would appreciate any recommendations on good primary schools ot hose to avoid? I have two children currently in reception and Year 2. I would particularly like feedback on Stoke Mandeville, William Harding, Bedgrove and Oak Green schools? Any advice/feedback would be appreciated.

bojorojo Tue 03-May-16 14:42:15

Hi Jane

Have you been told that these schools actually have vacancies? From the current Bucks C C list of primary schools with vacancies, this is not the case. I suggest you urgently contact Bucks C C Schools Admissions team and see what schools do have vacancies. The schools you list are in quite different areas. Oak Green serves a very different area to Stoke Mandeville for example. I would get an up to date picture from BCC and visit any schools that can accommodate your chidren. Most schools are full so be prepared to travel. I will also check where you could look.

bojorojo Tue 03-May-16 15:04:19

OK. So few vacancies!

Assuming you want a place before September - I would ask if your Reception age child can start in Reception now at the John Hampden Infant School in Wendover. There is no vacancy in Y2. However, you may be able to get into the Wenodver Junior School for Y3 in September. Often this school has places because some children leave the first school for private schools. I would say this is your best option and is not far from Stoke Mandeville and better than Aylesbury.

Lee Common School has a vacancy in Reception as does Oak Green and William Harding. They do not have Y2 vacancies from what I can see.

The schools that have both R and Y2 are: Little Missenden Infant School (but where would your Y2 child go in September?) and Marsworth School. Both are some distance to travel.

Y2 vacancies are listed at: Brookmead, Longwick, Greak Kimble.I am not sure if Great Kimble is just an Infant School though so the problem of Y3 would still apply. It would be OK to do Wendover and Great Kimble as they are fairly close. I hope you get some joy!

jsmith17 Tue 03-May-16 18:40:01

Hi, thanks for the information. I won't be moving them until September. Due to my journey to work I really want a school which is local to me. I have visited all of the schools in question. Oak Green has spaces for September. William Harding have said that they may have as although at the moment only a space for my reception child they are a large school and by September things may change. Stoke Mandeville have one space and I know are oversubscribed so it is unlikely they will both get a place.

Bedgrove again very unlikely I have been told. My preference is that they go to the same school as working full time and doing two drop offs would be hard.
Looking at Ofsted reports Oak Green has a better report than William Harding but I know Ofsted is not the be all and end all of a school. I was just wondering if anyone has experience of any of them. They seem to be the schools that I will be in catchment for.
Thanks for the advice about Wendover I will also check those schools out and arrange a visit.

Bucks CC have said the list online may Not be up to date and to
Put my preferences on the application and to state that I want them to go to the same school and they will then advise us of any in county with space for all 3.

I really appreciate your response.

Fingers crossed we get something which will also enable me to get to work on time.



jsmith17 Tue 03-May-16 18:55:11

Sorry typo for both! Luckily only two to find a space for!!

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