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School Run - 3 miles across London

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applecharlotte Mon 02-May-16 08:22:35


We have DS 5yo in Reception at a good school, he seems pretty happy, but are having to move three miles away for the next school year.

I don't drive and I'm feeling pretty stressed out anticipating the new school run. To get to school would involve 7 mins walk to the central line, two stops then another 15 min walk the other end. It doesn't sound too bad like that but rush hour on the central line is hell ie. I'm not even sure we'd be able to get on a train.

Alternative is getting an Uber for £8 a day - 11 min drive if the traffic is ok. This seems so much easier but ridiculous!

I don't know what I'm asking really! I suppose what are other London parents experiences of travelling across London with primary school? Any tips or solutions? Will I just get used t?


CruCru Mon 02-May-16 08:43:35

Hi applecharlotte

I do know people who use Uber to get to school (from Islington to Highgate) and it seems to work okay. However, they say that ten minutes difference makes a real difference to the journey.

What time do you need to be at school? Ideally, you would have a bus that could do the journey but perhaps there isn't one.

SquirmOfEels Mon 02-May-16 08:52:23

Buses are usually much less crowded than the busy bits of the Tube. You may have to allow a bit longer, but shouldn't be worse than a minicab.

Or travel earlier on the Tube (when you can still get on it) and then have breakfast near the school (might be less overall then your potential cab fares). Is these a nice cafe near to it?

applecharlotte Mon 02-May-16 09:22:10

Hi - nice ideas thanks.

No direct buses it would involve two buses and then the 5 and 15 min walk on top.

I like the idea of going earlier on the tube - there is a nice cafe near the school. We would need to drop off at 8.45am. TFL say the busiest time at the tube is from 8.15am so maybe that would be ok.

Ifailed Mon 02-May-16 09:25:44

why not just walk it in the morning and get public transport back, 3 miles is not really that far?

applecharlotte Mon 02-May-16 09:35:17

Yes we will def get the tube back. I did think about using the morning journey as a run and have DS scoot. I will try it.

helterskelter99 Mon 02-May-16 09:36:38

Is there a gentle cycle route?
15 min walk at child's pace or adult pace? Xx

Ifailed Mon 02-May-16 09:37:20

give it a try over the summer. Google maps is quite good at working out walking routes. If the weather looks like being completely crap, then treat yourself to an cab.

Andbabymakesthree Mon 02-May-16 09:39:49

Can you move her?

Have you done the actual journey in that direction at rush hour? Are you going with or against the flow of commuters - it makes all the difference.

Personally I'd be looking for other schools nearer your new house and going on the waiting list of my favourites - turnover is fairly high in London even in good schools so there's always a chance of a place coming up.

Teds77 Mon 02-May-16 09:41:03

I would be tempted to apply for places at schools near your new house/speak to the LA about which schools currently have vacancies. At least then you have a back up option if the journey becomes too much.

rollonthesummer Mon 02-May-16 09:43:25

Is the move definitely just for one year-what's the story there? The travel sounds hideous tbh, I'd look at not moving for the year or changing schools.

forkhandles4candles Mon 02-May-16 11:10:15

We do that, by bike.

applecharlotte Mon 02-May-16 11:22:06

Hi - sorry the move is forever I meant DS will be going into year 1.

We don't actually want to move but have been priced out of the area and only part own our current flat with the other owner wanting to sell.

The closest local school is 20 mins walk away. I will look at it and if it seems ok will put his name down for and move. But I'd like to give it a go keeping him where he is.

Thank you for your ideas, having more options (cycling, cafe breakfast) is making me feel a little better.

annandale Mon 02-May-16 11:28:21

Cargo bike? They cost ££ but I believe you can resell them at almost the same price - the trouble is finding one. Would also need to be pretty sure you could lock it up super safely at the primary school, probably with triple locks...

Andbabymakesthree Mon 02-May-16 11:38:30

Think about any future siblings too.

applecharlotte Mon 02-May-16 11:46:47

There will be no siblings! But I am
mindful of playdate limitations if we are no longer local which seem important being an only.

annandale Mon 02-May-16 11:49:44

Cargo bike for playdates! e.g.

applecharlotte Mon 02-May-16 11:51:25

Ha I love that. Sling 'em all in and go!

WhoTheFuckIsSimon Mon 02-May-16 11:53:08

You need a trikidoo.

Thatrabbittrickedme Mon 02-May-16 11:54:55

We used to do 7 mins walk plus 4 stops on dlr then another 5 mins walk. It was fine and we used a scooter (DSs helmet was a handy safety feature in the rush hour train). I would not want to do it permanently though, and the DLR and the Central are two very different things... Having a good snack to eat on the home journey is obvs essential wink

I think not unfeasible but would be looking very closely at the local options to new house. At least you can do the longer commute for a while until a new place comes up

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