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Keeping school work from crumpling

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DingbatsFur Tue 26-Apr-16 22:50:59

Hi folks,
Any stationary ideas to keep school work from crumpling?
DS9 gets homework assignments on sheets of paper, which he shoves in his bag and then gets crumpled and torn.
When I was in school we had 3 ring binders and a hole punch. What can I give him to keep his a4 sheets of paper so he can get them easily but will keep them from crumbling?

pennygoodlife Tue 26-Apr-16 22:58:01

Try those plastic wallets some are like envelopes and easy to slot things in and fasten. They come in a variety of colours. I bought some from sainsburys today as it happens

DingbatsFur Tue 26-Apr-16 23:09:20

Ah, tried those. He crumpled them too. Great for other things though!

5608Carrie Tue 26-Apr-16 23:28:21

This ?

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