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Primary Reallocation

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Crazyinlove123 Mon 25-Apr-16 10:26:14


I have been pestering the council regarding places on waiting lists and so on. They have replied today to say they will be doing a reallocation on Friday. But there was no change to my place on the waiting list.

Any ideas what happens at reallocation?

tiggytape Mon 25-Apr-16 14:44:11

They can only reallocate places as and when people currently offered a place refuse it (for many reasons: going private, moving area etc). If nobody has turned down a place, there won't be any to reallocate yet (but some may come up - the people going private or moving area may not have decided to definitely do that yet).

Your position on the waiting list is determined by 2 things: how many people who meet the criteria better than you do are waiting (even new people to the area will go above you on the list if they meet the criteria better eg live closer). And by how many people refuse their offer creating a place to be given to the first person on the list.

If your position is unchanged either nobody has given up a place yet or the number of places refused then reallocated equals the number of people who've since been placed above you on the list.

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