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Help deciding between 2 schools

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londonmum01 Mon 25-Apr-16 03:41:56

Hi am new here and need some advice. I have seen a similar posting where another mum got good advice and was hoping for some help too. We are currently in a pickle as we got offered a very good local private school but now an offer from an equally good private school has just come through and we need to accept within 7 days. DS is an active boy, above average, shy and sensitive (only child). Needs time to open up and can be chatty and confident once warmed up.

Local school A:
1. Outstanding private from 4 to 13
2. Warm, caring and nurturing environment
3. 20 mins walk from home
4. Feeder school to top/good preps at 13+ (but only sends 30% to top tier)

1. Limited outside space (has open fields nearby for later years but for younger kids, it is simply a small patch out front where they bring some toys outside and play)
2. Slightly rundown
3. Selection of schools at 13+ can be limited as it is a feeder school to only a few schools

Other points:
1. We are not native British but the local area is very diverse as is the school
2. Parents are mostly working professionals like us

School B:
1. Outstanding private in an affluent London borough from 4 to 13
2. Lovely open facilities
3. Sends 70% to top tier preps

1. Has (informal) assessment at 7/8 to progress from pre prep to prep
2. More "posh" environment and not as warm and welcoming (less diverse environment and less similar parents)
3. Not local to us and we would need to move although the move would be welcomed as it will be nearer to DH's work

Many thanks for reading the long post!

BrightandEarly Mon 25-Apr-16 07:10:41

School A sounds like a lovely school. I wouldn't worry about destination schools too much just yet at this age. If he's academic he may well be in the top 30% anyway.

The only 'issue' for me would be lack of outdoor space, but most private schools that have that issue also have strategies to mitigate it, eg trips to other sports fields etc.

Good luck!

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