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Opinion on Canon lane primary in Pinner

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coffeecakemum Sun 24-Apr-16 17:52:43


I am quite new here and writing my first post. I have studied in a different country and have lived here just for last 8 years. My son is starting reception in Sept 16. He has a place in Canon lane primary. He is already in a private nursery that goes till 11. We are now deciding on whether to move him. I hear good things about state school but he is a summer baby so will be just 4 when school starts so would a private schools with smaller class size be better? State one has 30 and private one has 16. I visited both schools and felt both has its advantages. Local school has a lovely community feel and kids looked happy. Private school has nice staff and again kids looked v happy. I think either one won't be a bad choice but not sure which one I should go for. Any opinions on canon lane? I have very few friends as I am new to area here and have been working and haven't had a chance to socialize. Thanks for reading my post.

coffeecakemum Mon 25-Apr-16 09:10:45


Artistic Mon 25-Apr-16 09:18:06

Hi there, mine is a summer baby and we went private. However that's not the reason we went private. There is a list of other reasons why one would consider it. I'd suggest you think long term about whether you can afford to stay in private for 7 years? If not then no point trying to go for a short term solution. Summer babies do struggle a bit in the early years, mine certainly did. But I do know some who absolutely did not! And they were completely up to speed in all ways from reception. So perhaps a small class size may help, but perhaps it might not, and maybe it's not even necessary to begin with. I don't live in the area so I can't talk about your specific school, but I'd suggest you consider private only if you are really invested in a private schooling all its pros and cons.

coffeecakemum Mon 25-Apr-16 09:34:03

Thanks v much for your reply. The private fees is almost same as nursery which he is already in. So money wise it's not too bad as he will be an only child. Socially I am worried if he will get lost in a bigger class than a smaller one. In state schools will they adjust the work according to child's ability. My son can read small sentences although he is probably struggling with sharing and turn taking. He has now started Kumon for English. I worry if a child's skill will be considered in state schools or will it be one size fits all. I am very new to this forum and apologies if I am not following rules on how to post messages. Still reading up rules and regulations. Thanks v much

Artistic Mon 25-Apr-16 10:02:03

I can't speak for state schools as I've never used one. All I can say is we were pretty much in the same boat as you - new to the country and using private nursery so the fees were not unmanageable. Unlike you we didn't even consider state schools and never applied. We also thought she'd been an only, but she no longer is! grin
There are umpteen benefits of going private, which is why they exist. How ever you need to know why you are choosing it. Have you thought about secondary schools and which school in primary will be better for your child - so that he can get into your preferred secondary? If you search other threads you will see why people choose private.
You do have an option to go state now, and switch to private if/ when you feel it is necessary. The other way round is difficult on the child I think.

seemam Mon 25-Apr-16 11:50:18

Hi - I have the same problem. My daughter has a place at a private but we may be moving near cannon lane and i would have to try for an in year place. However again, my daughter is already reading and writing so will she be forgotten among the ones who are not yet doing that.
Also what are the prospects after cannon lane, where do kids go? are they prepp'd at all for 11+?

coffeecakemum Mon 25-Apr-16 13:23:44

Hi we are in similar place. I spoke to a canon lane mom who told me they do identify and encourage above average people which is good. Also they had sent kids to grammars more than independent secondary. I know a highly reputed school in Pinner who take best students and don't push the others. When private schools do this I am not sure what to expect of state. Maybe we can have a private conversation just so I can mention names of schools if that's ok?

seemam Mon 25-Apr-16 14:59:33

hi coffeecake mum, feel free to send me a private message on this if you are able to

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