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Got our primary school place but what next?

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Babynamelist Thu 21-Apr-16 22:38:52

This might seem really obvious but I can't work out what happens.

My DD will be starting primary school in September. Will we receive any correspondence from the school before then? Do they expect us to get in touch with them? Do we just pitch up on the first day of term in September? Or what...?

I know we've got loads of time but I can't help but wonder.

slightlyglitterbrained Thu 21-Apr-16 22:43:06

Been wondering the same. I checked DS's new school's website and apparently there will be a parents meeting, and various sessions for DS to visit school & meet other children during the summer term. Plus a home visit from his teacher in Sept.

May be worth emailing the school?

BertPuttocks Thu 21-Apr-16 22:48:32

At our school they send out a letter to the parents once the SATs are out of the way. They have a meeting for all the parents in early June to explain all the various procedures and to hand out the forms that need to be filled in.

The children usually have at least a couple of visits to their classroom and to meet their teacher (late June/early July). Everyone is given the details about when their child will start school and whether they'll be doing half-days to start with.

MigGril Thu 21-Apr-16 22:52:15

Our school run parents evenings for new parents and some sessions for the children to spend time at school.

Those in school nursery have an advantage as they share the reception playground and the EYFS lead is one of the teachers she visits all the settings where children are coming from. I'm assuming that would include a home visit if your child wasn't in child care.

The school should contact you, but there is no harm in giving them a ring and finding out for yourself.

mouldycheesefan Fri 22-Apr-16 08:03:14

They will contact you. Be patient as the list of new joiners will still be being confirmed. Usually visits are in June and July.
Be prepared many schools, but not all, do part time hours when they start in reception. May be for a week, may be for several weeks

MiaowTheCat Fri 22-Apr-16 08:10:24

Schools tend to go into a bit of a state of panic stricken hiatus until SATs are done with as a general rule! Normally at this point in the year even the staff don't know what year group they're going to be in next year - let alone the existing kids, so sorting the new intake into class lists as offers are accepted takes a bit longer.

Tends to be from about the start of June that the new parents get contacted and visits etc start to happen.

I used to teach reception and this year I've got my eldest just got her place and waiting to start so I've seen it from both sides of the equation.

I believe the correct MN protocol is to spend the next few months agonising over which brand of name labels are the optimum for future higher education academic performance and if a Tesco cheapie waterbottle has a detrimental effect on GCSE scores over the Waitrose hand knitted with artisan breastmilk equivalent.

edwardsmum11 Fri 22-Apr-16 09:29:58

Nursery and reception get treated same initially in our school. You get a letter for a meeting then if it is like the nursery I assume settling in days and also parents go in to have a meal with kids to get them used to school dinners.

quarkandmarmite Fri 22-Apr-16 11:17:10

Yep! What everyone else has said! I am a teacher and we really don't know what year group we are all teaching and in our school this year, there is a big move around but that is as much as we know! HT is keen to get it sorted but she cannot say for definite until after May half term when the deadline for resignations has passed.

As a parent though, I am bricking it! All schools are different! My teaching school hands out letters in the next couple of weeks, has a parent's evening when they pick up the prospectus and then they offer a settling-in morning on a friday with children staggered over a few weeks in June/July and that is it! My child's school (he is at the nursery there but quite separate from FS2) offer a sampling session of lunch in which parents are also invited to and they apparently do a few (three I think) afternoon sessions in both the YR and YR/1 class.

My 'mummy friends' are all second guessing which class their child will go into. Mine being Autumn born is highly likely to go into the YR/1 class especially as last year the cut off was February.

As long as my child is educated, his needs met and he is with his friends, that is all that matters to me.

Babynamelist Fri 22-Apr-16 11:34:21

Thanks all. Much appreciated!

I purposely didn't want to be one of THOSE parents and bother the school just yet. It's a very small village infant school (60 kids in total) so though they won't be inundated, I'm sure they will be being contacted more than usual and I figured now would be a busy time for them.

When does that SATs period end? Should I just bide my time until early June?

TeenAndTween Fri 22-Apr-16 13:27:34

Year 6 SATs are the week starting 9th May.
Our school is doing the y2 papers (those papers that haven't been cancelled due to incompetence that is) the week before half term I think.

Wait until after half term and if you've not heard by then that would be a good time to contact.

Comiconce Fri 22-Apr-16 13:28:08

Whatever you do, don't rush out to buy uniform or school shoes wink. My younger dd managed to make her feet grow two sizes between May and September grin

HelloSunshine11 Fri 22-Apr-16 15:10:02

I've emailed the school - I am that parent! Slightly regretting it now.

To be fair though, my son was admitted with medical priority so there are a few things to iron out, like getting meetings arranged with the teacher of the deaf etc. Needless to say they haven't replied yet!

Babynamelist Fri 22-Apr-16 15:33:23

Thanks again everyone. Don't worry hellosunshine sounds like you have a good reason!

steppemum Fri 22-Apr-16 15:40:05

This what our school does:

sends out a welcome pack
Invites you to a new parents evening. At this they explain loads and give you lots of forms to fill in (or they come in the pack)
Come and visit you at home during June, with 2 staff, one of whom plays with dc, and gets them to count and recognise their name etc.
Visit child in their nursery setting (may not do both of these)
Invites you to 2 or 3 introduction mornings in July, where new kids come into the reception for the morning (when reception are out) (with parents)

And, looking at the calendar, it looks as if there is a new starters picnic on one of those induction days after the school slot.

steppemum Fri 22-Apr-16 15:47:52

hello - don't worry about pushing if that is the case, in fact I would say, push push push, from now until he leaves school.

My dd needed a meeting with the school nurse, and a care plan.
I mentioned it at every point, from letter of acceptance through parents meeting etc etc.

Last week in July the school nurse contacted me. She was little put out because she was having to squeeze me in to see me. I did point out that the school knew from before I applied about her medial need (was in nursery on site, has 2 older siblings in school) and I had told them officially from day of acceptance letter, and chased it. She was very apologetic, school had just not got round to telling her!
She was great though at getting it all sorted.

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