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Appeals and waiting lists

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GingerC Thu 21-Apr-16 13:53:16

So we got 2nd choice school offered. And are apparently 8th on the waiting list for 1st choice school, which has 90 places in reception.
We're going to appeal, but it will have to be ICS appeal. Do these ever work? Any advice? Is there any information we can put in the appeal other than "we think it's a much better school than the other one", which presumably is irrelevant?
Also, I'm optimistic that 8th on the list is quite good, as all we need is 8 of those 90 children with offers to turn them down.
Am I too optimistic?
Many thanks.

PatriciaHolm Thu 21-Apr-16 14:07:12

ICS appeals can only be won on one of three grounds -

- the admissions authority made a mistake that cost you a place
- the admissions criteria are illegal
- the decision not to admit was so perverse no reasonable person would make it.

Nothing you've said so far would fall into those grounds I'm afraid. Simply preferring the school has no relevance I'm afraid. ICS appeals are extremely hard to win; I believe nationally less than 10% are successful.

8th on the list isn't bad, though it would depend on mobility in the area, likelihood of people to go private, etc.

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