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Primary school appeal - disabled mum

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cate2310 Wed 20-Apr-16 09:49:47

So is it worth us appealing. I'm registered disabled - I have a serious problem with my spine and have difficulty walking. My eldest daughter is at a school which is just out of catchment (ie next door is in catchment) and we have just received the news that our youngest, who is due to start in September has not been allocated a place at the same school.
To say I am devastated is an understatement. I have no problems with the school my youngest has been allocated - it's just the logistics and emotional side for myself and our two girls.
When we applied, we applied on medical grounds with a letter from my GP stating that it would be impossible for me to have the girls in different schools. My medical application was rejected and we received a letter saying this. I still didn't panic too much as last year 5 children out of catchment with no criteria got in.
We also applied on social grounds - we feel very strongly that the girls need to go to school together - due to my disability, my eldest does a lit of caring for me and her sister when my husband is at work - she regularly gets her sister up, dressed and her breakfast - some mornings I feel like I'm just the driver, not a mum! The girls are very close - it's incredibly hard for them having a disabled mum, knowing there's things we can't do that their friends do (we can't even do the park!) But they look after each other, and do a lot of confiding in each other.
However, the school is a one form entry, with a class size of over 30. As far as the LEA are concerned, they've made no mistake. We have to appeal, as I need to know that we did everything possible to get the girls together, but what honestly are our chances of a positive outcome? One or the other of the girls will constantly be late dropped and picked up, but later than normal as I am no speedy at walking!! Help!!

prh47bridge Wed 20-Apr-16 12:50:42

Normally parents are expected to cope with children at different schools. In your case, however, there are grounds for arguing that the LA has acted unreasonably given the evidence from your GP provided it is clear that the GP is expressing his/her own opinion, not echoing your views. It is certainly worth giving it a try.

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