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Tudor Primary in N3

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Jackish Tue 19-Apr-16 09:27:23

Does anyone have/had kids attending Tudor in Finchley? It wasn't on our list of 5 choices but that's all we've been allocated.

Just looking to see if anyone else is in the same predicament and also get to know the school from the perspective of parents who may have kids attending it.

gasbird Tue 19-Apr-16 11:03:45

Hi Jackish lots of us are in the same boat. We got Tudor as our 6th choice. I didn't look around, the school itself has quite a lot of open space and the head of Manorside is now the head of Tudor. It will hopefully be on the up soon.

Jackish Tue 19-Apr-16 15:32:39

@gasbird You're so cool about this. Need to learn to be the same. Whereabouts do you guys live? We're on Station Road.

How many others in our catchment do you know of being allocated Tudor?

gasbird Tue 19-Apr-16 17:09:35

I'm trying to remain positive. We live just off Oakfield Rd. At the nursery there are at least 5 allocated to Tudor that I've heard of. There are probably more.
Tudor haven't had an Ofsted inspection for a while, so might have improved. Still only 77 applicants for 60 places wasn't very encouraging.

wonderwoman123 Sun 04-Sep-16 15:25:38

Hi there, when does Tudor school start back? We've just moved to London and got a place but I don't know what to expect the first day can you stay for a bit and then go? Any other mums not ready for school yet?

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