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Esher Church of England primary school

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esherMUM321 Mon 18-Apr-16 21:36:03

Hi there.
I have just been offered a place at this school for my son. I am new to the area and wondered what people thought of it? It has been ranked outstanding by ofsted but I know that it is no longer a feeder school for hinchley wood secondary. Is this making the school less popular? Obviously very happy to get good school through application process.

titchy Mon 18-Apr-16 21:50:39

People give their right arms and their grandmother for a place at Esher Church! Certainly no less popular for the change to the borough secondaries. Though a lot will go private at secondary....

TheCottage Tue 19-Apr-16 08:35:45

I pulled all my children out of Esher Church School. I believe it once was a school you'd "give your right arm" for but from first hand experience I'd avoid like the plague. I'm friends with Mothers who are pretty desperate to pull their children out of there too. If your "face fits" and your child can plod along without too much support then you'll be ok. The school itself is small (take a look at the playground during playtime) and class sizes are rammed and incredibly noisey. They also have an underlying bullying problem there too which they can't seem to get to grips with. I really would not put Esher Church School "up on the peddle stool" as there are far better local schools (have you tried Cobham Free, Claygate, Thames Ditton?) It is no longer a feeder school for Hinchley Wood but for Esher High, so maybe you'll want to check that out before making your decision. Sorry for not bringing you good vibes but you did ask what people thought of it.

esherMUM321 Tue 19-Apr-16 22:00:44

Thanks for both of these comments. I am just trying to get a feel for it and have some questions to ask when we look around. Bullying is an upsetting comment though...

Aethelfleda Sat 23-Apr-16 21:16:37

Er... I understand that Cobham Free school is currently located in a "temporary site" (for aj unspecified length of time ) that is actually in Molesey.... Which is about a 30 min drive from Cobham and 20 mins from Esher (poss more during rush hour). So may not be very practical for you.

I have heard only good things about Esher Church school, though have not lived in the area for a few years now. Bear in mind, though, that TheCottage felt strongly enough to remove her children from the school, so is unlikely to give you a good opinion of it! (Which of course she is perfectly entitled to do so). Out of interest, TheCottage, where did you move your DC to?? Do you think that's a better place?

PansyGiraffe Sat 23-Apr-16 21:58:00

It's the Senior school which is at the old Hurst Park site in Molesey, I understand the rest of CFS is still in Cobham.

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