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Any Kent waiting list success stories?

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whatwouldaudreydo Mon 18-Apr-16 18:48:36

Didn't get first choice, and totally gutted. Haven't told Ds yet - she'll be so upset as it's the school next to her nursery and I'm pretty sure nearly everyone else in her nursery class would have got in on siblings and distance (it's in the next village to me) even though a few of the ones with siblings live miles further away than me.

On distance, we would have got in last year, just unlucky this year I guess.

Have already emailed our waiting list application but I'm feeling so disheartened.

It's a 2 form 60 entry school so hoping for a bit of movement. Won't know where we are on the waiting list until I can ring someone tomorrow. It's pretty poor they send the emails after after they've all left for the night!

Was hoping for a few waiting list success stories to help me sleep tonight....

BoysRule Mon 18-Apr-16 19:40:41

I think that is why they send the emails after the schools have closed - they couldn't possibly cope (or want to cope) with the volume of calls.

I only have experience of waiting lists via friends (DC2 got into a heavily over subscribed church school on sibling criteria). It is definitely worth sticking it out on the waiting list. You have to accept by May 16th - not everyone will accept the place (remember for some it may not have been their first choice). There will be lots of movement - as people go on other waiting lists and get a place there will be a place on your waiting list.

The heavily over subscribed church school that DC1 goes to had a lot of non-church goers admitted on waiting lists before the September they started. If you can hang on and hold your nerve there is a lot of movement. In the wealthier parts of Kent you get a lot of movement as parents apply for state schools but have a place at an independent school and go there.

Also, do visit the school your DC got into and revisit the one you want them to go to. You may change your mind - many people do.

whatwouldaudreydo Mon 18-Apr-16 21:02:31

Thanks BoysRule. Holding my nerve it is then. Just feel so bad for Ds....she's best friends with 2 girls (since age 2) that have got in to the school I can't believe I have to tell her she won't be in her little threesome anymore sad

UpsiLondoes Tue 19-Apr-16 00:31:27

Call and ask the school how much movement there was last year. I asked this as part of the open days and the outstanding primaries near us had only couple of places open up between now and September (in other words the schools were most people's first choices). If you live far, be aware that if someone new moves to the area and is closer to school, they will get placed ahead of your on the waiting list. It's by admissions criteria, not by date.

ProudAS Tue 19-Apr-16 06:16:18

Do accept the offered school though unless you've been offered a place at first choice by deadline date. This won't stop you going on waiting list for preferred school and will mean you don't end up with no place.

Toomanycats99 Tue 19-Apr-16 06:27:37

I have a couple of friends who literally got places in the couple of days before term started so even until the last minutes there is still hope!

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