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LC01 Mon 18-Apr-16 13:04:26

Hello, we're very fortunate that my DD has a place at an independent school starting in September. Her current school is an infant school and therefore we needed to apply for a place in our junior school (at the time, we were unsure about sending our daughter to a private school). We found out today that we've also been offered a place there. Of course, we want her to go the independent school, so we won't be needing her place in the local junior school. However, I don't want to decline the place at the local school too quickly in case either my husband or I loose our jobs. Does anyone know the latest you can do this, without getting into trouble? (or maybe you don't). I'd like to point out, not all the places at the junior school were filled, so I'm not causing any unnecessary stress on another family needing that place.

Many thanks

ThroughThickAndThin01 Mon 18-Apr-16 13:08:25

I don't think you ever need to decline it until the first day of term do you? Familt situations change all the time I.e. Job changes to a different area.

tiggytape Mon 18-Apr-16 13:09:45

You can accept the school place at the juniors and hold onto it for as long as you like - which is a quirk of the system that other parents find incredibly annoying of course because, unlike in your case, some schools are oversubscribed and people are waiting on lists desperate for someone to relinquish their place.

The council won't know or care that you have an independent place too - the two things are entirely unconnected as far as they are concerned.

However it makes sense to decline as soon as you are sure because it will be very confusing for your DD if the current school think she is going to the juniors and include her in induction days and visits to see her "new school" only for you to then tell her she's not in fact going there. She may end up getting very excited about staying and lose enthusiasm for moving so purely from her point of view, it is best to tell everyone the final decision ASAP.

LC01 Mon 18-Apr-16 13:19:40

Hi Tiggytape, My daughter knows she's going to The Abbey, as she had to sit some tests and spend the day in the school. I have also informed her head of our decision, as she was very supportive when we needed to take our daughter out of school to visit schools and sit the entrance exams. That's a very good point you've made about induction days, as I know there's at least one already planned, which it wouldn't make sense for her to go to.

Many thanks.

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