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Good/ Big? Gymnastics clubs close to WEST London area?

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schooling123 Sun 10-Apr-16 15:55:56

Anybody knows good/ big gymnastics clubs in West London Area please? for 7 yo.

Lindy2 Sun 10-Apr-16 15:59:24

West London covers a big area. The gym club in Spellthorne may be a possibility if you are in that area.

YourBubzYourRulzHun Sun 10-Apr-16 16:01:26

Heathrow Gymnastics Club. I used to take the DC there for soft play and I'm sure Spelbound who won Britain's Got Talent train there.

Lindy2 Sun 10-Apr-16 16:04:15

Spellbound are from the Spellthorne club.

YourBubzYourRulzHun Sun 10-Apr-16 16:06:35

Oh ok! Knew it was somewhere over that way!

Bunnyjo Sun 10-Apr-16 17:54:09

Please be aware that most good clubs are likely to have very long waiting lists, so you may need to ring a few clubs. DD's gymnastics club has a 6-9mth waiting list which is pretty standard for a good club where I live (NW England), but I've heard that some clubs are operating waiting lists that are longer than a year.

Mumoftwoyoungkids Mon 11-Apr-16 23:54:51

Bunny Where we live the waiting list for school age is over 4 years! Basically the only way you can get your child in is by putting them down as a fetus joining at pre-school age (waiting list between 9 months and two years depending on luck and time of year) and the Never Ever giving up the place.

I have regular night,ares that I have forgotten to pay the club fees by the deadline. (And keep the latest receipt pinned to our notice board so I can slip down and check it in the middle of the night!)

mary21 Tue 12-Apr-16 16:39:29

Heathrow gymnastics and Richmond gymnastics have a good reputation. There is a good club in Bedfont too. I believe surbiton high school is known for its gymnastics

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