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year 5/6 school changing from lower to primary

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smoothcheesecake Wed 06-Apr-16 21:28:45

What extras do your year 5/6 get to do at their current primaries? Do they use science labs, design tech studios, have school sports teams they can compete with, music or drama opportunities? Or is that just at Upper School? I live in an area that has lower school (up to year 4), middle (year 5-8) then upper (Year 9-13). Most of the schools are changing next year to primary and secondary and my ds will be the first year group to stay on at his lower school. Currently all of the above is offered at middle school and I am concerned my DS will miss out on these opportunities if he stays on at his lower school - (one local middle school will stay take year 4s so I could move him).

In a dilemma about what to do stay on in small class size with friends etc or move to bigger school with more opportunities. I know a way off yet and the schools with have info evenings but interested to know what other schools offer for those years?

bojorojo Wed 06-Apr-16 22:19:43

It depends on the school. Where I am a governor (y3-6) we do not have science labs or design tech studios. I doubt many primary schools have this. I cannot think of a single one and I visited a lot when I was working. We have peripatetic music teachers and plenty of schools have orchestras, music ensembles and choirs. There is a y6 play and concerts which include all year groups. Some teachers are talented in drama and music and those schools tend to do more. In ours, it is not a huge strength. Many schools run sports teams and there is lots of inter-school competition. We are much stronger at sport.

I live in a grammar school county, and the better science and technology facilities are available at the secondary and grammar schools. If I am honest, I think parents are happy to have these better specialist facilities in y7 although we have a cookery suite. I am not aware that parents expect better facilities at our school. They do, however, want the best teachers, high quality teaching and their children to make good progress. I would consider this a priority over facilities that the curriculum does not require, eg science labs.

I think our children are admirably prepared for y7 by our teachers. I would be inclined not to disrupt his education unless you think the teaching is poor and he is not making progress.

smoothcheesecake Wed 06-Apr-16 22:49:14

Thank you for your reply it was really helpful.

simpson Fri 08-Apr-16 11:39:32

No science labs.

Lots of sports teams who compete: football, tag rugby, netball.

A choir for KS2.

Swimming lessons weekly for half a school year (coach to get there).

Cooking lessons (proper kitchen - although I don't think this is the norm).

PGL trip (4 nights) in yr6.

Annual school trips for each year group.

My bugbear is the lack of a library though.

spanieleyes Fri 08-Apr-16 14:57:37

No science labs but lots of science equipment ( no bunsen burners though!)
Lots of sports teams
music tuition weekly for all KS2 children
swimming weekly for all pupils in summer
residential trip for year 5/6
drama productions

Year 6s in primary tend to collect a number of privileges/ responsibilities that they wouldn't get in a middle school!

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