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Dallington School - Clerkenwell

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JaneyT1974 Tue 05-Apr-16 19:12:03

Feeling disillusioned with my daughters state primary school at the moment and don't see how any other state school will be any better.
To big a class sizes, too many tests and generally unhappy with what is expected of them at such a young age.
She is in year one and we are currently in the process of moving house and thinking of relocating to Clarkenwell. So I quite like the sound of Dallington school do any mumsnetters have any current views on the school?

sanam2010 Wed 06-Apr-16 13:42:25

no direct experience as we moved away from the area but we did visit at the time and it looked brilliant, very calm loving environment. small groups in the higher years but kids looks happy and teachers were dedicated.

bb16895 Wed 06-Apr-16 21:41:59

Both our DC were at Dallington. DCs were encouraged in non-competitive way and flourished. They left the school with what I felt was a genuine love of learning and self motivation which has served them well at secondary. It is a far cry from the hothouse environment that so many of our friends chose, and yet achieve results (as shown by the leavers' destinations). It's not for everyone, can appear to be slightly chaotic and bohemian, but there is strong discipline within. The children are instilled with lovely manners. Can't speak highly enough of the school.

user1486335391 Mon 20-Feb-17 10:20:08

DS is currently in reception- hes been there for 2 years now

its not pushy -
there isnt any testing looming -
they dont do KS1 or KS2 tests-
that doesnt mean the kids arent motivated-
im still an ambitious parent
its not charterhouse where your kid has been reading since 4-

hes not there because its 'chaotic or bohemian' -because its not-
there isnt a naughty step - or a cloud - because there doesnt have to be one - the kids are well behaved!
the kids get to play together a lot - girls and boys -
so they get quite well socialised with each other-

creative focussed and directed play is the main thing the entire time he has been there-

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