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Creative writing

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irvine101 Mon 04-Apr-16 19:25:30

Is it really important that all the children need to be good at it?
If so, how to make unimaginative child write creative stories?
Can anyone give me some tips please? I've been told by my ds's teachers that his story/content is just boring numerous times. I just don't know how to improve it.

mrz Mon 04-Apr-16 19:40:05

As a prolific reader is he able to retell stories he has read?

He then changes aspects but keeps the basic structure

mrz Mon 04-Apr-16 19:49:17

mrz Mon 04-Apr-16 19:52:05

irvine101 Mon 04-Apr-16 19:55:27

He can retell quite well as long as the story was interesting to him. If he wasn't interested, he just says don't know, or something minimal.

Teacher says his grammar and spellings are great, hand writing is ok, but can't put his ideas on the paper. And if he did, it's perfect sentence etc., but nothing imaginative. He is capable of using simile, but don't get metaphors.(I think he take it too literally.)

tacal Mon 04-Apr-16 19:57:52

My ds has problems with creative writing. His school has a small group of pupils who get extra help with this once a week. He is making progress with the extra help they are giving him. Can you ask his school to help him? Or suggest things to help rather than be negative about it?

irvine101 Mon 04-Apr-16 21:14:06

Wow mrz, that's amazing thank you.

tacal, they did help before sats last year, but not anymore. Anyways, mrz's link seems fantastic, I will start with it.

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