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Primary schools in / near Deal, Kent

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MissMitford Fri 01-Apr-16 20:43:13

Hello all, thinking about a move to be near family in Deal, East Kent. Family are a bit vague on what schools to consider, but the choice in our ideal area seems to be 3 schools within Deal / Lower Walmer and private schools between Deal and Sandwich. Looking for feedback on state options and experience of St Faiths at Ash or Northbourne Park school. DCs are 7 and 5.... thanks all in advance.

MissMitford Mon 04-Apr-16 10:22:45

Bump - anyone, anyone?

SurvivalGuide Mon 04-Apr-16 11:10:44

Hello Miss Mitford. Deal is a super place to live! The state primaries of choice are Kingsdown and St Margarers at Cliffe. You would be incredibly lucky if either of these had places for both DC. Parochial is very churchy which will either suit you or not. Warden house is going to 3 Form entry from reception next year so will be a big school. Sandown is ok I think. Are they the schools you are referring to?. Northbourne Park is the school if you want common entrance at 13 and then top public school. St Faiths is great for the Kent Test with entry to grammar school or the local senior independents.
Looking ahead you need to be careful where you live for entry to state senior schools. Catchments vary. Do you have boys or girls?
Do let me know if you have any further questions?

MissMitford Mon 04-Apr-16 11:38:23

Thanks very much, that's very useful. I have a boy and a girl and am keen to keep them in the same school. Interesting about Northbourne Park - it looks fantastic but do you think it is not the best place for potential entry to local grammars?

Kent school system is a bit of a mystery to me so far, but I am learning fast!

SurvivalGuide Mon 04-Apr-16 11:53:12

Hello again. Because NP go up to year 8 they obviously do not want to lose pupils at the end of y6. Pupils there do sit the Kent Test because parents see this as an indication of the general standard they have reached. However the school doesn't do extra tuition for the kent test in the way that St Faiths does. St F is all about passing the Kwnt Test and all pupils from Y3 up can attend morning lessons between 8 and 8.30 every day focussed on Kent Test prep. There are also summer hol extra lessons for prep in Y5. I think about 85% of the 36 children passed this year. Another point St F is thriving with 2 classes of 18 per year. NP has one class of about 12 pupils so friendship pool is tiny.
If you want Manwoods then you need to be comfortably within a 4.9 mile radius as the crow flies. Google for a website that plots this on a map for you! A lot of people in Walmer and Kingsdown who expected a place there have been caught out this year.

MissMitford Mon 04-Apr-16 18:35:11

Thanks very much SurvivalGuide. Our ideal area would be close to Sandwich so yes, Manwoods is the one we have in mind... but a few years to go. Sounds like we should definitely look at St Faiths... although I have sort of fallen in love with all the Enid Blyton-ness of Northbourne.

Any other thoughts living in Deal with kids? We know it fairly well from weekend trips to see family, but this is different to living there of course. My two are both pretty timid, so I am keen that they have the opportunity to try more outdoors-y stuff.

SurvivalGuide Mon 04-Apr-16 23:18:13

Have you seen the girls hats at St Faiths? Pure Malory Towers!

Lots of outdoorsy stuff to do. Betteshanger Country Park hold lots of activities. Rippledown run forest school type holiday activities. Golf lessons at Kingsdown. Various riding stables. Walmer Lawn Tennis Club. Indoor tennis lessons and swimming at Tides. Lots of dance schools and drama clubs. Rowing and sailing clubs for older children. 3 football clubs and a rugby club. 2 cricket clubs. Also worth doing Beavers/ Cubs/Rainbows/Brownies for outdoorsy stuff. Rock pooling at Kingsdown. 2 parks. Also the seafront - all 3 miles of it - is great for cycling, scooting and roller skating. That's just off the top of my head!

MissMitford Mon 04-Apr-16 23:31:14

Well if we're talking boaters and caps... I'm sold! DH is keen on Sandwich but I think it might be a bit quiet for me (although completely charming and lovely) so I am keen on sticking to Deal. What I can't quite work out is whether the conservation area is at all suitable for families - gorgeous houses but not sure if they are ideal for rigours of family life etc - any roads or areas away from the seafront that you think are worth considering?

And thanks again for all your help so far...

SurvivalGuide Tue 05-Apr-16 23:14:17

I've never lived in Sandwich but agree it seems quiet. Re Deal's conservation area, I'm sure there are lots of families around there. The only issues would be parking if your house didn't have some off road space or a garage (which most wouldn't) and it's probably rate to get a decent garden. Mostly courtyards. BBut the right house would be lovely! I can't really recommend other areas as it depends on what sort of properties you personally like but I can say that there aren't any no go areas. All v safe. Just stay within a max distance of 4.5 miles as the crow flies for Manwoods catchment. The lower that distance the better. Good luck!

MissMitford Fri 08-Apr-16 10:43:42

Hello SurvivalGuide - we are busy looking at houses and are very excited at the prospect of a move here. One more question if you don't mind - what info do you have on catchment area for Manwood? From the website, the admission area last year was 8.37 miles, but not clear if that includes siblings etc.

Thanks again

SurvivalGuide Fri 08-Apr-16 12:19:06

Hello, lovely day for a house search! That figure could include siblings as once you have one DC in it doesn't matter where you live. However it was probably the 2015 figure. To try to explain PAN was 120 until about 3 years ago but this meant that the catchment was smaller and Deal people missed out on a grammar school place even if they had passed the test. So they added an extra class making a PAN of 150. This meant that for the past few years people at Kingsdown and even St Margarets got a place. However for this years intake starting this Sept the catchment area has shrunk right down to about 4.9 miles again. This could be because it is a high sibling year or could be because people who thought they were borderline catchment (around the 4-5 mile mark) decided to apply when in the past they wouldn't have. Unfortunately every year is different depending on where the DC live who pass the test and where the siblings live. No-one knows where the cut off will be in 3 years time but if I were buying a house with Manwoods in mind I would feel safe living as near as possible! It is all a nightmare! Would maybe be worth ringing Manwoods for their advice?

Re Dover Grammar the cut off for girls is Kingsdown / very top of Dover Road around the shops as it is very heavily oversubscribed. Boys should be Ok wherever you live in Deal, even probably as your second choice. Also worth bearing in mind that you have to pass the Kent Test to get into Manwoods but you have 2 shots at the Dover grammar schools as you can either pass the Kent Test or their own test called the Dover Test to gain entry

Happy hunting!

lolalita78 Mon 08-Oct-18 22:33:53

Very interesting that st Faith prepares the children from year 3. Also dies st Faith takes students from all faith?

Emsyw75 Sat 16-Feb-19 21:16:16

Hi MissMitford! The post is a bit of a blast from the past but we’re currently in the situation you were three years ago and considering a move to Deal or sandwich and looking at schools for my two young children. We love Northbourne but haven’t got much knowledge on the local primaries. Just wondered how you got on and any recommendations or advice?
Thanks in advance;-)

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