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Year 3 - issues with reading

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Robindrama Thu 31-Mar-16 20:07:35

DD, year 3 - still not a free reader. I need to hear some positive stories.
Teacher says she is good at decoding but comprehension is still an issue. She gets daily reading sessions with TA and also attends better reading scheme once a week.
We do read daily at home, when she is tired I read to her. Few months ago started chapter books: Daisy, Wishing chair, etc - but she will not read them to herself as a way of spending her free time.
At home we are surrounded by books, me and DH love reading and she has been exposed to books since early years. However she never liked listening to long stories - interrupted with lots of questions.
We are members of local library and she chooses some books every 2-3 weeks, we read them at bedtime.
I asked her teacher and also senco if i need to be worried - they say no.
But I am... Harry Potter books and similar are years away - or am I wrong?

irvine101 Thu 31-Mar-16 21:08:48

My ds is in yr3 and good decoder but had problem with comprehension.

We used a lot of online site to improve his comprehension, as well as talk about the books he reads. He became so much better since. Maybe you can try some of these sites if your dd likes? All free websites, and very short, it takes about 5~10 minutes to do one session. very interesting topic every time. choose level, then choose "reading".

greenbloom Thu 31-Mar-16 21:11:20

I really wouldn't fret too much. Year4 is when ours generally move off the reading scheme and become free readers. Daisy and Wishing Chair are fine and perfectly usual reads for year 3 and if her teacher is happy with her decoding the rest will come in time. It may be that she might prefer non-fiction?
She might grow into reading for pleasure or she may not. My sil was brought up in a very bookish household and never really read for pleasure... She is now a teacher.

Gobbolino6 Thu 31-Mar-16 21:20:13

Does she enjoy the longer stories if she can ask questions? My kids are always interrupting with questions and drives me bananas but it's quite good in some ways.

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