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book recommendations: bible stories, and ninja books

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chamenager Wed 23-Mar-16 14:29:42

I am looking for book suggestions, for bible stories, and ninja related stuff.

I believe in letting children read what they want, even if I don't 'approve'. Well, within limits obviously!

So, I am rapidly running out of ninja/Lego Ninjago books and was wondering if anyone could suggest books a little 5.7 year old ninja fan might enjoy.

Also, he recently picked up a 'Baby's first bible', read it cover to cover, and expressed an interest in reading more about those stories. Each bible story e.g. Noah's Ark is covered in maybe 10 short sentences, so too short really to get a good grasp of the story. So I am asking if anyone can recommend a series of books that cover the main bible stories (OT and NT), accessible for young children to read themselves, with colour pictures, at a level similar to purple or gold (which are usually 32 pages with 5-6 sentences per page) so he can still get through them in one sitting?
He attends a faith school which is probably where is interest stems from, whereas I am not religious and have no clue where to start looking for such books.

At school he is reading purple band books (level 8) but he can and does read higher levels too (school is keeping him on a lower band to prevent him running out of age-appropriate books in the future). Most of the time he will read books that he can get through in one sitting. He seems to be not quite ready yet for longer books, though I think it's mostly a matter of finding the right books for him to get hooked.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

mrz Wed 23-Mar-16 17:39:25

The Boy Who Cried Ninja

chamenager Thu 24-Mar-16 09:28:21

Thanks mrz I might get that one.

ReallyTired Thu 24-Mar-16 12:39:37

This is a nice book if you want bible stories. Its Jesus' parables.

Do you want the parables or the really gory stuff from the old testment. The other book we have is

If you are just wanting simple reading books then its worth looking at the young usbourne reading series. Its good value

chamenager Thu 24-Mar-16 13:21:22

Thanks RT. I looked at the first but from what I can estimate from the 'look inside' feature on Amazon, it hasn't got more detail than the 'baby's first bible' he has already read. Have put the other book, Animal Tales, by the same author, in my basket though.

The second doesn't have a look inside feature on Amazon, but from the description and reviews it sounds like just what I was looking for. Would you mind letting me know how 'elaborate' the stories are? The one we have is for instance:

Rainy days
One day, God looked down from heaven. 'Oh dear,' said God. 'The people have spoiled my wonderful world.' Then God remembered Noah. Noah was a good man. 'I have a plan,' said God to Noah. 'I'm going to start the world again. I need you to build a big boat.' Noah obeyed. 'Take your family on the boat,' said God. 'Take two of every kind of animal.' God sent the rain. It rained and rained. Splish! Splash! Splosh! The boat began to float. It floated high. It floated back down. BUMP! The water trickled away. 'Come out of the boat,' said God. 'Start the world again. Look at the rainbow! It shows my promise: I will keep the new world safe for ever.'

I would like something quite a bit longer! But still easy to read. Kind of a 'First Reader' level. We don't need another very basic bible, nor really one that is meant for reading TO children. Which is why I am hesitating to buy. Would be very grateful if you could confirm that the Lion Bible provides more depth and detail than the above.

I love the Usborne Young Readers series and it absolutely is great value. The problem is that we have about 50 books at home that DS could absolutely read, and would probably enjoy if he did (I know because sometimes I bribe him into starting one). Also we go to the library and he picks lots of books. But he doesn't read any of them. The only books he picks up and reads without coercion or bribery are his ninja books, ninja magazines, and recently that baby bible (and every now and then a MrMen book). What I am aiming to do is to provide him with stuff that he will choose to read. At the moment he'd choose to read bible stories, so I want to provide him with bible stories that he can read. And he chooses to read ninja books, so I make sure there are ninja books about.

lavenderdoilly Thu 24-Mar-16 13:26:40

I'd say Usborne or ... pop into a local church because they might have books for sale. Might even be a church shop that the great and powerful Google can find for you. Ask mn to move this to Books - or start a thread in there too. We'll done for letting him read what he fancies be it Bible or Ninja.

originalmavis Thu 24-Mar-16 13:31:52

Have a look at red door or the book people. You can pick up packs of books quote cheaply.

ReallyTired Thu 24-Mar-16 14:09:47

This is a page from Stories Jesus told. Its a similar reading level to the Aninal stories. I hope the publisher doesn't mind me scaning in one page. Its a nice book with attractive pictures.

Threeunderthree33 Fri 25-Mar-16 15:05:06

I'd second Nock Butterworth - Stories Jesus Told. Really amusing. Beginners Bible might be worth a look, and there is a great version by Desmond Tutu which has wonderful pictures.

chamenager Fri 25-Mar-16 15:40:02

Ok, I'll wait until Animal Tales arrives, and if he likes that, will look into Stories Jesus Told again.

We have Let There Be Light by Desmond Tutu, which he has read; and his Children of God Storybook Bible is hopefully winging its way towards us right now.

I was looking at the Usborne Children's Bible, can anyone say anything about that one?

Thanks everyone for all the great advice! Some books ordered, and have lots to look out for when at the library/charity shops.

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