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Moving to Epsom: state primary schools?

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thebigclt Wed 23-Mar-16 01:26:57

We're moving from Australia in April (2 kids - 8yr boy & 6 yr girl) and it looks like hubby has secured a rental in Epsom. I believe when we arrive and apply to the council for school places, we need to put down our order of preference for schools even though in reality it will be wherever there is a spot! I've got no idea about the schools in the area. Any advice for preference listing?
Thanks heaps.

HairyMaclary Wed 23-Mar-16 05:49:26

It depends where in Epsom you are exactly. While there are schools that are favoured by yummy mummies and those that are not actually all the schools in Epsom are pretty good so it won't actually matter! The 'best' is considered Wallace fields, which has a separate infant and junior school but is unlikely to have spaces, especially at the infants for your 6 year old. The owers include st Martins, Southfield park and Epsom primary. Epsom primary is the most likely to have spaces, some people turn their noses up at it but I think it's a lovely vibrant school with some of the only multiculturalism is Surrey! Further away there in Ewell there is Danetree juniors and west Ewell infants and meadow primary. If given the choice I would choose meadow over Danetree/west Ewell.

Hope that's of some help! Some of the schools still have the infant/junior split some have moved to a through school recently and some are about to so it can be quite confusing.

thebigclt Wed 23-Mar-16 09:49:43

Thank you. What about The Vale Public school?

ShelaghTurner Wed 23-Mar-16 09:55:39

My dd1 goes to another primary in Epsom and there's a fabulous cultural mix there. It isn't just Epsom Primary.

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