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Calling all those in possession of school reports: developing / expected / exceeding

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MajorClanger123 Sun 20-Mar-16 20:55:55

Yr4 DS just received school report. He was 'expected' in all areas bar spelling & grammar, where he is 'developing'.

We have no idea at what end of these scales he is eg about to drop off the bottom of expected or potential to dip into exceeding. Parents evening didn't reveal much more to be honest (I.e. Teacher couldn't or wouldn't tell me if he was comfortably expected etc).

In his yr3 report last year his levels were average for some subjects and then 1 or 2 sublevels up for other subjects. I feel like I have no idea whether he's progressed this year or not. Without wanting or needing to know how his peers are doing, I wonder whether a huge majority of kids will just sit in the 'expected' category?

Dare I ask, how are other school reports looking?

catkind Sun 20-Mar-16 21:53:54

The way our school are doing it, expected means they've met every single one of the (new, higher) targets for the year in that category. So getting expected would be doing really well at this stage.

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