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Year 3 report - how concerned should I be ?

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BeaLola Sun 20-Mar-16 11:16:34

Turning to you wise MN mums and teacher Mums as you have given me great past advice and useful ideas etc - in RL no one to discuss with apart from DH and we feel a bit lost .
Our parents evening isn't until after the Easter Hols. Our son has just had his report. School is using following ratings and has said these are the end of year expectations and that national expectations are Expected +
Ratings are : Emerging, Emerging+, Expected, Expected+,Exceeding and Exceeding+

Base on this are son has been assessed at Feb 16 as Emerging+ for Reading writing and spelling with a mark of 98 for Spelling standardised, Emerging+ for Mental maths, Number and application of maths and Emerging for science. For effort marks he has A's and B's.

Trying not to drip feed he is left handed and not onto pens yet - comments that he needs to take time with presentation and practice joint and letter formation. That he finds developing his writing difficult - great magination but difficulty clarifying ideas. Needs to work quicker to finish tasks in time and to focus. Needsto show conceptual understanding of maths. He needs to have greater confidence in his ability .

I would say he is a nightmare at focussing but have been assured that this is typical of boys. He doesn't like doing homework but from suggestions when I posted before he is getting less angry at doing it. He does try hard but will get frustrated if he doesn't get everything correct and will always start homework with I can't do it.

There are lots of nice comments about his efforts etc. I'm just worried that these marks mean he is far behind and will struggle to reach the national level expected. Also if you reach the national target isn't that the average rather than being ahead, above, bright ,, however you want to catagorise?

I just want to support him the best way possible and help him rather than being useless and him struggling more.

TIA for thoughts

CheeseAndOnionWalkers Sun 20-Mar-16 11:25:21

Expected means expected at the end of year 3 rather than expected for y3 term 2.
I'd ask his teacher how far away he is from expected. If he's likely to reach it by the end of the summer term I wouldn't worry but if he's more like y2 or y1 then I'd be finding out what they were going to do to help him.

irvine101 Sun 20-Mar-16 11:49:54

From your post, your ds doesn't sound like far behind.
But, " Needs to show conceptual understanding of maths." might need a bit of work on it. Does he have basic understanding of numbers etc?
For science, I normally look up the topics at home with my ds so he might get more deeper understanding of what they are actually learning at school.
Writing... I can't possibly comment. My ds hates writing and put least efforts in it, although his grammar and spellings are quite good.
We haven't had our parents' meeting yet, I'm hoping nothing sinister comes up.

Gobbolino6 Sun 20-Mar-16 13:30:30

Well, he's still got a term to go. I'd ask the teacher if he is likely to meet expected on his current trajectory and for ideas for what to try at home.

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