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What to do with DC before and after school

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Viperama Thu 17-Mar-16 23:01:22

Early days, but starting to figure out best school for DC. He's not due to start Reception until 2019, we're hopeing he gets into nearby RC school, which feeds into an exceptional secondary. We might not be 'Catholic enough' however.

So I'm looking into plan B, which is two very good prep schools in the area. I've already visited the first, really liked it. But they mentioned that school opens at 825 and finishes at 315. There are no after school clubs until year 1 and no general care on offer and when I asked what parents who work do they said 'they get their nannies to collect'.

We've chosen to have only 1 DC so we can give them the best, and if it means paying public school fees so be it. But a nanny? I'm back at work 3 days a week p/t and could stay that way, as I want to meet him at school at least a few days a week, so it'd only be an issue 3 days a week. im thinking there must be other people that have been in this situation before. I wonder do people share nannies at all? How could I find someone in advance to do this? I don't want an after/before school logistical issue to be the determining factor where DC gets an education 😯

fatowl Thu 17-Mar-16 23:09:53

Do you have space for an aupair?
If you only have the one child and you are asking her to have a school age child for a few hours after school 3 days per week, that's well within the remit of an aupair I believe.

Plenty of people Nanny share. Part time nanny/mother's help? Might suit a student or an older semi/retired lady?

Local CM (i used to be a CM and collected from a private school for a while), or CM could be your best option if you get into the local RC school.

namechangedtoday15 Thu 17-Mar-16 23:24:56

To be honest it's a nightmare. I also did 3 days, H dropped at school the days I worked (could still get to work for about 9.15). After school is tricky because childminders only pick up from one school and get quite booked up in advance. After school nannies are like gold dust (you can imagine how sought after they are) and even if you do get one, they're likely to leave when someone comes along who can offer them full days / more hours. You will have more success if you can offer a full day (ie tag on some cleaning / ironing in between drop off and collection).

We've been lucky to have a student who can help 2 days a week as she finishes uni early and then a retired lady for another day. But it's been a juggling act.

Viperama Fri 18-Mar-16 00:07:18

Thanks both for your responses!

No space for an au pair. CM is a childminder I presume - is that different from a babysitter? Sorry I'm from the other side of the pond!

DP drops DC at nursery now, it's do able because he can at 8am, but we're in London and 825 drop off would make him late (and me when he's away).

We've a cleaner who comes on a Monday & Friday, adores DC, have thought we could see if she wants to change days and have more hours/tasks...but she only speaks Bulgarian lol. I've said if her English improves I may ask her nearer the time.

Food for thought - thanks again flowers

HeadDreamer Fri 18-Mar-16 05:20:39

Childminders are qualified and ofsted inspected. I would assume most pick up from state schools. Baby sitters are unqualified so can be a teen or a student.

From what I see, the school is right in that the well off used nanny. DD used to go to a nursery in a posh village near where DH works. There are many nannies picking up from the nursery. So obviously they are already paying wrap around in the preschool years!

Sootica Fri 18-Mar-16 05:31:51

My town has a couple of before and after school clubs which minibus the children to school. Many childminders are happy to do before and after school care only.
A childminder looks after children in their own home and is ofsted registered and inspected
A babysitter doesn't need qualifications and is usually based at your home

fruitpastille Fri 18-Mar-16 05:33:14

A childminder looks after children in their own home. They are self employed and generally charge by the hour for each child. They and their homes are registered and inspected and they have a certificate in first aid. The catholic school may be able to tell you which childminders regularly collect children from their school. I've used two childminders since my children were babies and they have been fantastic. They are usually very much part of the community and other local parents can probably help with recommendations.

ICantDecideOnAUsername Fri 18-Mar-16 05:46:30

Could you do 5 short days rather than 3 long ones so you could do pickup and drop offs everyday before/after work?

namechangedtoday15 Fri 18-Mar-16 09:59:28

Can your DP or you ask for a late start (so that you can drop at school)? You may find (I certainly did) that even though the school day (8.40-3) was much shorter than what they were used to doing at nursery (8.15-5.30) they were absolutely shattered. I know needs must sometimes, but I think they would have massively struggled to begin with if they'd have had to do childcare both before and after school.

BrightandEarly Fri 18-Mar-16 10:49:08

I feel your pain! It's so challenging.

DD starts this year, at a school that has no before or after school provision.

DH and I are going to adjust our hours so that between us we can do drop off and pick up three days a week.

On the remaining two days, we will most likely use a private nursery which provides wrap around care. It's not ideal as I know she'll be tired, but I the only alternative is a nanny, who most likely will want to work full days and therefore be very expensive.

Seryph Fri 18-Mar-16 12:11:12

<waves> hello, I'm a pt nanny. My whole job is based on getting the kids out in the morning and bringing them back after school until mum and dad get home. I only do a couple of days a week.
I started with this family during my degree because it fits in beautifully around lectures, so why not check with your local college/university to see if you could advertise there. There will be plenty of students doing child care or other types of courses to do with kids/education who would jump at the chance to make a little extra cash.

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