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Tips for first day at new school - In yr transfer

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Maki79 Tue 15-Mar-16 11:39:52

I'm probably overthinking the whole thing as my dd (yr2) seems to be dealing with the news that she'll be starting a new school on Monday really well but I just wondered if anyone has any suggestions to help her first day(s) smooth?

She will know one child vaugely from a club she attends. We'll be at that club tomorrow night so I was hoping to get the chance to say hi to the mum if she's there.

Would a packed lunch be better so that she knows at least what she'll be eating, or school dinners as most will probably have those?

I'm anxious for it to go smoothly! Any other ideas? TIA!

trinitybleu Tue 15-Mar-16 15:04:06

Try not to worry - my DD did the same, knowing nobody. I knew the mum of a boy in her class from years back and she asked her son to keep an eye out, but he reported back that she had been happy and playing - exactly the same as what she had said. She settled really quick and made friends. I think this age is easier than y3 - 6 when the girls can be getting a bit nasty at times. At y2, they're still lovely and welcoming! Good luck!

PoshSlapper Tue 15-Mar-16 16:08:43

She will undoubtedly be "buddied" by a couple of other children - to look after her and show her the ropes. She will be fine.

SavoyCabbage Tue 15-Mar-16 16:17:40

My two both have just started new schools. I was breezy about it. Although I was utterly terrified inside. I didn't let them know that it could be an absolute disaster.

^You always find it easy to make friends! Remember when we went to that tennis lesson and you didn't know anyone there and you loved it!!

Children are just children wherever they live. It will be great!^

Arneb Tue 15-Mar-16 16:36:00

The school was quite good with mine.

We did dinners as that was easiest option for us as we'd just moved and were still in chaos - they now switch between the two with no issues so don't think that decision was a major one.

We were upbeat about the new school - we'd had a look round so they'd quickly seen the place - as soon as they had news we'd been given places they rang and said bring them in today as the formal stuff had taken a week by then - so they had a late start as well to add to it all.

They had a great first days - the dip for one child was a few weeks in when things had settled a bit more though they've bounced back from that.

Just be positive and they should be fine.

DesertOrDessert Tue 15-Mar-16 16:51:16

Mine have started at 3 schools this year : their previous school in the UK, then a disaster of a school over here, and then a successful school here. I've also gone with the bright and breezy, and then panicked until they got back home stance. Both have been fine both times.

Happymummy007 Tue 15-Mar-16 17:41:10

When my DD started a new school she was inundated with people wanting to "buddy" her, ask questions, play with her. Part of it was, undoubtedly, curiosity, but it helped her to feel special (I gather that there had been lots of requests to help show "the new girl" around). DD was fine (I was much more nervous than she was) - I'm sure you're DC will be too.

Maki79 Tue 15-Mar-16 19:41:28

Thanks everyone! Good advice to be bright and breezy!

We went to get the new (much more formal) uniform today and she loves it which is great. Even the clip on tie is a hit!

It's quite a big change as we've chosen to move her as it's better for SEN, and it's also Catholic (we're not). The change also means we won't know if her brother will be attending the same school as her come September as there may not be a reception place for him. I feel totally overwhelmed as I'm also going back to work in a few weeks after mat leave.

She's had a look around the outside of the school and playground and likes it. It also happens to be opposite a pub and she's convinced that the parents and children will end up there afterwards. Shame it's a drive away smile

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