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Primary Schools West Ealing/Hanwell

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Glastronaut Fri 11-Mar-16 20:21:19

We're looking to move to Ealing and West Ealing/Hanwell would be great for our commute but don't have a clue about the area and can't afford to go private for schools. Would really appreciate some advice from locals! Thank you!

SpotDogs Sat 12-Mar-16 09:07:29

I have just looked round a few and spoke to parents at dds nursery. We are nearest St. John's and Drayton green but looked at fielding and little Ealing as we may move.
St. John's - on the green man lane estate so it has a high level of fsm and is a tricky catchment. We loved the head and looking around it was the happiest school. The staff seemed very high quality and friend with a son there says she loves it except for the fact she has found the kids play out of school within their communities and mosques so her son isn't included here. They are getting a new building which will change how it looks a lot as the old building is tired.
Drayton green - very similar catchment to St. John's and I think similar issues re playdates. Didn't feel as warm and organised but similar staff and nice grounds. I think it has a behaviour unit in the school and those children come in for some lessons.
Fielding - much more 'middle class' catchment and not as diverse. Bigger school and not as warm but it felt like the kids very settled and proud of their school. Staff seemed very good and organised. My gut feeling was here but we are out of catchment.
Little Ealing- again more 'middle class'. Wear their own clothes which gives it an different feel. Staff seemed less friendly but the feeling of the school generally was happy. Didn't quite click for me.

Glastronaut Sun 13-Mar-16 19:15:29

Thank you SpotDogs very helpful info! Sounds like taking a look round the schools might be a good idea. Good luck with your search smile

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