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Late Application to Primary School - any help or advice really welcomed

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BertsBee Wed 09-Mar-16 23:49:03

I'm completely new to mumsnet but a friend suggested I post here...
I have a little boy who is due to start Primary School in September. We applied to our lovely village school in January and then 2 weeks later my husband of 10 years announced out of the blue that he was leaving us. This has thrown our life into turmoil, we moved here to be close to my husband's place of work, but as I work in London (90 miles away) and all of my friends & family are in London, I have decided to move back "home" and have secured a tenancy on a house a stone's throw from where I grew up. Having spoken to the LA in London, I was advised to secure an address and then make a late application via email, with a statement of "extenuating circumstances" and providing I did so by the end of this week, they would treat my application as on time given the circumstances, hence I have been able to list out 5 preferences of school.

I have tonight drafted an email to send, but I'm not sure this is sufficient - would you mind reading it over and giving some insight, I would be most grateful for any help you can give...

Dear Sir / Madam,

Following on from the advice given to me by members of staff within XXX XXX Pupil Services Team, please find below my application for a primary school place for September 2016, for my son XXX XXX.

As discussed with your team on 2 separate occasions, I am making a late application due to an unplanned and unexpected relocation to the XXX from our home in XXX. The application below should supersede the application I previously made to XXX in January, an application made before I was aware we would be moving back to London.

The reason for our move is due to my husband and I separating. As part of the separation process, I have moved from our home in XXX back to London, in order to be close to my immediate family (my mother and 2 sisters all live and work in XXX) and my place of work (XXX). I have chosen to move back to XXX, where I was raised, educated and lived until I married in 2006, for both emotional support from friends and family and help with raising my 2 children. I have also chosen XXX XXX specifically, because of the availability of good after school care and school holiday care provided by the XXX XXX and the fact it is where the majority of nurseries in the area are located, the use of both will enable me to continue working and thus provide for my children financially.

I was advised to wait until I had secured a home for myself and my children before submitting an application and that providing I did so before mid March my application would be treated as “on time” due to the extenuating circumstances of my situation.

Please find my child’s details below, along with my preferred schools in order of preference.


Child’s Full Name: XXX XXX
Child’s Gender: XXX
Child’s DOB: XXX
Child’s Address: XXX
Preferred School 1:
Preferred School 2:
Preferred School 3:
Preferred School 4:
Preferred School 5:

In line with the admission criteria for both XXX and XXX, I have also attached a copy of XXX’s Baptism certificate in order to prove his entitlement to a place under faith grounds.

I would like to thank the Pupil Services Team for their advice and help over the past few weeks, in what has been a difficult time for myself and my children.

I would be most grateful if you could confirm receipt of my application and that it will be treated as “on time”.

Lost27 Thu 10-Mar-16 04:08:56

I think you also need to attach a copy if tenancy agreement for new house.

DesertOrDessert Thu 10-Mar-16 04:27:36

I would take out the bit about holiday clubs and after school.
And enclose a copy of something from your old address, dated as recently as you have, and your tenancy agreement.

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