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Reception maths, phonics and writing, reading resources

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Luna9 Mon 07-Mar-16 11:28:45


Can you please recommend any online applications, websites or books to practice reading, maths and writing with my reception child. Had the meeting with the teacher last week and noticed her a bit concerned; we had been concentrating on her reading but not so much in maths; She said she has improved her reading and phonics a lot but didn't disagree when I told her she is behind compared to her peers; she seemed more concerned with maths. She has had speech therapy but I noticed it has improved a lot over the last few months. Didn't want to push her too much as I wanted her to settle at school first but don't want her to fall too far behind either.

Any resources you can recommend for maths and reading are greatly appreciated. They didn't do much in her previous nursery so has lots of catching up to do.

Thank you

PalePolkaDot Mon 07-Mar-16 11:36:20

I've just signed up to a free trial of Reading Eggs which has been previously recommended but we haven't tried yet.

Have also signed up for Oxford Owl.

DC have a subscription to Mathletics via school and love it.

BBC bitesize have good stuff for KS1

My dc1 is struggling with times tables so I've ordered a cd with them set to music and 'Harry's Tables' which is meant to be good.

We also take part in our local library reading scheme and get extra books from The Reading Chest.

Luna9 Mon 07-Mar-16 12:39:38

Thank you; will look at them

mrsmortis Tue 08-Mar-16 13:12:57

I can second readingeggs.

Also which is Carol Vorderman's site has an introductory offer at the moment.

BlueChampagne Tue 08-Mar-16 13:15:06

Two apps: pocket phonics and mathbingo - education on the go!

Twine88 Tue 08-Mar-16 13:22:41

Reading eggs has really helped my ds - we also do Mathseeds which is within the same programme. Ds enjoyed the free trial and we got a really good subscription deal on both packsges via the little bird website.

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