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Schools in SE23/SE26?

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kj35 Tue 02-Jan-07 20:17:57

I am after information on schools in Forest Hill/Sydenham area. However, neither of us are church goers so they are out of the question. Also if anyone has any views on sydenham girls school? One last thing, at what age do I need to apply for these?? Thanks in advance

se23life Fri 29-Jul-16 11:00:43

I'd recommend posting this question into the "Schools" category on the SE23 forum:

We have some lively discussions comparing local services and trades, and for those members we've met in real life (at our meetup events, or in Sugar Mountain / No41 Coffee), we show their profiles as "verified" to add trustworthiness to our discussions.

[full disclosure: I'm the founder of]

Longlost10 Fri 29-Jul-16 21:33:28

nearly a decade since the question was asked! The kids have finished uni now. Where do you find these old threads?

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