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Moving to a primary out of area?

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TheSconeOfStone Mon 07-Mar-16 09:31:41

My DDs in Yr 3 and Yr 1 both go to the local primary very close to where we live. It's Osfted Needs Improving and going for academy status despite achieving very good Yr 6 results with high FSM and ESN. I love the diversity of the school but it's very a crowded Victorian building that went from 2 to 3 from entry in my DD1's foundation year.

DD1 has a recent diagnosis of ASD. She has struggled since starting school. She's bright but finds the noise distracting it's hard for her to have time out due to lack of space. DD2 is doing fine but would thrive anywhere, she's easy going.

I've found a couple of schools on my route to work which are currently under capacity. One is well established, Ofsted Good, lovely Headteacher, forest school space and playing field. Class sizes of 20. Year 6 results not as good as current school. The other is brand new on an estate under construction. All children currently out of area with Yr 1 and 3 both part of mixed year classes. No idea what size and configuration of classes going forward. The logistics for me at brand new school would be perfect.

I really don't know what to do. I had hoped my children would be a local school so they can walk in with children on the street and spill out to the local parks after school. I'm also concerned that they won't be going to secondary with classmates if we move them.

Has anyone moved their children out of local school, or chosen school out of area? Did it work for the children?

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