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Moving house far away and changing schools

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queenofsardines Fri 04-Mar-16 21:39:14

Ok so I'm looking for a bit of advice even though it may sound really blinking obvious I want to get it right.

We are at last in a position to move house to a much better area but are in a dilemma as what to do about DD's school. We will be moving far enough away that it will be impossible to commute so therefore will have to change schools. I know she can't go on any waiting lists until after the move and if we have to wait for a place to come up then I'm happy to homeschool short term. What I really need to know is will her current school still keep her on roll and expect attendance after the move? Or will they remove her?

notimetoshop Fri 04-Mar-16 21:45:14

As far as I'm aware, you just apply for an in-year move. It's not dealt with through the usual application round, so you don't nec have the same choice. I had a friend who moved 100 miles across the country. The family moved. The kids went to a new school.

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