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Long Ditton Infants, Surbiton Boys Prep, Weston Green- ur experiences?! xx

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Rpm26 Thu 03-Mar-16 16:29:29

I would really love to hear some MN-er views on primary schools around the Surbiton/Thames Ditton area please (can you hear the desperation in my voice?!!). I've been going round in circles about it so much I think I'm going to burst......

DS due to start primary in Sept. Our local state primaries are Long Ditton Infants or possibly Thames Ditton infants (although its slightly further). I've been to the open days for these schools in addition to Shrewsbury Lodge, WGS and Surbiton High Boys Prep and Milbourne in the private sector.

Any thoughts? DH is saying its my decision and I really don't know what to do for the best (arghhhhh!).

I think the smaller classes sizes and extra circular activities in the indie schools are important, but equally not sure its worth the extra £000's per term? We would have to make some family sacrifices to go down the private route.

My short list was really WGS or Surbo High- does anyone have any experience of WGS, Surbo Boys Prep, Long Ditton or Thames Ditton Infants?!!

I'm all ears........


PansyGiraffe Fri 04-Mar-16 12:45:58

My children have been through LDI - now at juniors. Never looked at private so can't give you comparison but I can say it is a lovely school and the Head is great.

Rpm26 Fri 04-Mar-16 15:46:50

thanks PansyGiraffe- Great to hear!

Twiglet39 Tue 17-May-16 12:01:34

It's such a difficult decision and I was in the same position last year but decided to send my my DS to Surbiton High Boys Prep and have been delighted with my decision. The new building is a fantastic space for the boys and the teachers are very nurturing and seam to really know the boys - his older buddy is in year 6 and has been lovely - and I know that his year all got into good schools.

Good Luck!

PatriciaHolm Tue 17-May-16 13:16:47

If he's starting this september in Reception, you have missed the application round for admittance for state schools - do you mean next year?

alwaysfancywine Tue 17-May-16 13:52:48

I'm from around that area and recently had a very similar decision to make. I went around and around in my head for weeks and drove myself mad! My situ was slightly different to yours as I have two DCs and both were in the same school (state) - not one of the ones you mentioned but similar. For various reasons I was very unhappy (most of the reasons came from there being class sizes of 30+). They are both now in private and we couldn't be happier. Not saying private is necessarily better than state atall it just suited the way my two learn (they're not very focused, don't really enjoy education and were getting left behind etc). I did lots of research on the schools you mention and love them. Have to say, my fav was Weston green. The head was great I thought. The biggest impact is financial - it is a stretch. One thing you should consider is if you are planning to have another child, you'd have to pay for two - would that work for you? Anyway, please PM me if you want to have a chat in more detail. X

cakeisalaystheanswer Tue 17-May-16 15:05:16

Milbourne is seriously academic, Shrewsbury is very sporty, they are very different but both very good traditional boys 13+ preps and would suit completely different boys. Surbiton is more of a private primary, it only goes to 11+ and their destination schools are not very impressive, none getting into the top London boys schools and only 2 even getting offered Hampton this year. I know nothing of WGS.

Having put older boys through traditional preps I think it was a great experience for them and the best value for money part of their schooling, but mine were always staying in the system for senior school.

You need to bear in mind that you live in catchment for Hinchley Wood which is an "outstanding" and very much sought after senior school. They have recently changed entry to prioritise link schools and you will not get in unless your child goes to TD,LD or one of the others. So opting for private at this stage is actually reducing your options for senior school and it seems to me too much of a risk, you may have 4 DCs by then!

amidawish Wed 18-May-16 13:10:38

only 2 even getting offered Hampton this year

i can only comment on those in yr7 already (not those moving to secondary in september this year), but plenty got offered Hampton from Surbiton boys that year. Most got all 3 from Hampton, Reeds & KGS with different boys choosing different schools.

iwillnevereatspaghetti Wed 18-May-16 13:18:44

The age old view of milbourne is academic and shrewsbury is sporty is not correct these days. Shrewsbury is excellent across the board and its academic achievements are extremely high with scholarships to the best schools. I'd go for Shrewsbury as it's a fantastic all round school that offers proper competitive sport, many musical groups, drama and all the academics you could need.

iwillnevereatspaghetti Wed 18-May-16 13:19:53

You should also have a view on whether or not you want to follow to common entrance (13+), which is often more suitable for boys (as some take time to mature).

cakeisalaystheanswer Wed 18-May-16 13:56:03

amidawish - define plenty? specific numbers and percentages please. This years offers are on the website (19 boys received 42 offers which includes 3 offers from state comps) and are fact.

We will have to disagree Iwillnever, Shrewsbury is one of the top rugby schools in the country, their track record at the nationals is incredible and Milbourne is incredibly successful at producing Kings scholars. I wouldn't send a great rugby player to Milbourne and if I had a boy with aspirations to be a Kings scholar I would send him to Milbourne.

iwillnevereatspaghetti Wed 18-May-16 14:20:02

I certainly wouldn't send a child to milbourne for sport, but looking at 2015 results, Shrewsbury had 2 kings scholars to eton, plus scholarships to st pauls and winchester - plus a bunch of others. Milbourne's list was 1 to hampton, 1 to charterhouse, 1 to G&L and 1 to uppingham.

cakeisalaystheanswer Wed 18-May-16 14:47:14

I have friends with DCs at Shrewsbury including 2 who left in 2015, they have commented that the boys were being steered towards boarding schools particularly Tonbridge which they refer to as "Shrewsbury High" as day school places were getting more competitive. Without a list of number of boys to each senior school it is difficult to see what is really happening, most of the boys schools do have them Kings House, Newland, The Mall etc. Where is that available? and I'll compare it to the others for posterity.
I haven't been around it for years and would only know parents of boy aged 11+ but Milbourne can't have changed that much under Cognita. Maybe a Milbourne parent can come along and post.

amidawish Wed 18-May-16 17:14:16

amidawish - define plenty? specific numbers and percentages please

excuse me but i am not an admissions registrar!

I know of 4 boys yr7 KGS who also got offers at Hampton and Reeds, chose KGS. There maybe more. They are bright, sporty, well rounded boys.

I know of 3 boys in Hampton yr7 from SHS. Again, there maybe even more.

cakeisalaystheanswer Wed 18-May-16 17:37:44

Well hearsay doesn't help the OP.

Come to think of it neither does comparing Shrewsbury/Milbourne so don't worry iwill. What you do need to think carefully about OP is your long term commitment to private education, if you there is any doubt about staying private for seniors you need to go state to get into one of the Hinchley Wood link schools. Children living in very close proximity to the school did not get places this year because they were not at a link school, it could change again by the time your DS gets to Y6 but you have to assume it won't.

amidawish Wed 18-May-16 17:39:52

not exactly hearsay...

cakeisalaystheanswer Wed 18-May-16 17:46:53

I have checked the website, over the previous 3 years up to 2015 SHS received 17 offers in total for Hampton, which should be about 6 a year. This year was a very small year group of only 19, a full class would be about 24 I think. So on average the top quarter would get Hampton offers, but last year it was only 10%. More competitive or odd year? who knows? But top quarter is low compared to other boys preps see their websites.

cakeisalaystheanswer Wed 18-May-16 18:04:39

And I don't mean to be rude Amidawish but not everyone is truthful about their school offers, one of DS's friends is at KGS and he tells everyone there he turned down Tiffin which isn't true. I like to see stuff in black and white.

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