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Son really struggling with maths (Y4)

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HotelNewHampshire Wed 02-Mar-16 22:00:32

Tonight we had parents evening for my son (aged 8). He has never found maths easy but with support from us and some tutoring, we felt he was gaining confidence and doing better. However, this evening we found out he is still really struggling with maths in school - particularly with a recent test. His teacher acknowledged that the test was quite hard, given the new curriculum, and that some other children also had problems. However, as we may need to consider private school entrance exams - and obviously to support him - I'm looking for other resources or ways to help him. Any suggestions for websites/worksheets/books?
Also, has anyone moved school for this kind of thing? I'm considering moving him to private early so that he can learn in smaller classes with the aim that he finds it easier to get into private secondary.

irvine101 Wed 02-Mar-16 22:17:17 The best maths websites by far!

all free websites

Louise43210 Wed 02-Mar-16 22:19:53

I find the WHSmiths workbooks good. Just ask each week what area he's doing and do a page a day to support school. I do this for my son (also struggling in year 4).

HotelNewHampshire Thu 03-Mar-16 08:49:02

Thanks very much, will have a look at all those.

Luna9 Thu 03-Mar-16 09:18:53

You do need to practice with him everyday; half an hour per day should be enough. We use mathletics which is paid by the school; we also use books from Amazon. Keeping the tutoring once a week is also a good idea. Practice makes perfect. A bit everyday is better that a lot once a week

Avaperez123 Fri 04-Mar-16 20:24:43

May be you did not search for some intresting programs. For example like this. Looking for app which your son will be interested in. He will begin learning with pleasure and wont feel boredom or sothink like that.

Ferguson Sun 06-Mar-16 19:18:21

Children need to be helped to UNDERSTAND what Maths is all about.

Practical things are best for grasping number concepts - bricks, Lego, beads, counters, money, shapes, weights, measuring, cooking.

Do adding, taking away, multiplication (repeated addition), division (sharing), using REAL OBJECTS as just 'numbers' can be too abstract for some children.

Number Bonds of Ten forms the basis of much maths, so try to learn them. Using Lego or something similar, use a LOT of bricks (of just TWO colours, if you have enough) lay them out so the pattern can be seen of one colour INCREASING while the other colour DECREASES. Lay them down, or build up like steps.

ten of one colour none of other
nine of one colour one of other
eight of one colour two of other
seven of one colour three of other
then of course, the sides are equal at 5 and 5; after which the colours 'swap over' as to increasing/decreasing.

To learn TABLES, do them in groups that have a relationship, thus:

x2, x4, x8

x3, x6, x12

5 and 10 are easy

7 and 9 are rather harder.

Starting with TWO times TABLE, I always say: "Imagine the class is lining up in pairs; each child will have a partner, if there is an EVEN number in the class. If one child is left without a partner, then the number is ODD, because an odd one is left out."

Use Lego bricks again, lay them out in a column of 2 wide to learn 2x table. Go half way down the column, and move half the bricks up, so that now the column is 4 bricks wide. That gives the start of 4x table.

Then do similar things with 3x and 6x.

With 5x, try and count in 'fives', and notice the relationship with 'ten' - they will alternate, ending in 5 then 10.

It is important to try and UNDERSTAND the relationships between numbers, and not just learn them 'by rote'.

An inexpensive solar powered calculator (no battery to run out!) can help learn tables by 'repeated addition'. So: enter 2+2 and press = to give 4. KEEP PRESSING = and it should add on 2 each time, giving 2 times table.

There are good web sites, which can be fun to use :

mrz Sun 06-Mar-16 19:38:46

Look at the expectations for Y4

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