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St. Andrews School Woking or Halstead Prep??

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LauraC123 Mon 29-Feb-16 23:10:58

Hi All
Desperately need some Mumsnet advice. I have had a look at the above two schools for DD who will enter Year 2 shortly. Never thought I'd like a single-sex school for this age, but I really liked the warm, friendly nature of the school. St. Andrews' was also lovely. Does anyone have any firsthand experience of these schools - at the moment I only have the inspection reports to go by. Also what is the catchment radius? Do people come from as far out as Lightwater (actually only 20 mins away)?
My preference was always co-ed at this early stage but having seen Halstead, I'm now really torn.
DD is academic which both schools would cater for. Does anyone have any thoughts about the extracurricular activities available at both? Halstead seems to have less evening activities on offer and less sports facilities but is more expensive. Is that fair?
Finally I was unable to judge whether there is a balanced boy/girl ratio at St Andrews - DD would definitely thrive around a decent girl intake.
Judging by the atmosphere in the schools, I'm assuming that the parents are normal and down-to-earth?

Thanks so much for your help!

Mumtogremlins Tue 01-Mar-16 16:19:29

I could have written your post myself, having just made the decision between the two. I've gone for St A - I had a look at the boy girl ratio in current year 1 and there's 15 girls to 21 boys. That's quite good for a co-ed prep. I have older boys at St A and really like it. I also liked Halstead but heard good and bad things about it - it's more pressured. Lightwater may be ok - it would take you about 15 mins in the morning, if you can get out of Lightwater in the first place!

LauraC123 Tue 01-Mar-16 16:40:52

Thanks so much MTG! That's really helpful. Do you mind if I PM you for some additional advice?

Mumtogremlins Tue 01-Mar-16 16:42:50

Yes, no problem

fairgroundsnack Thu 03-Mar-16 22:59:57

Hi Laura - I have a DC in each school... They are both lovely schools so you can't go too far wrong with either of them. They both have a good range of after school activities, although at St Andrews you can only do these in Year 3 and above. Halstead has a bit less space but still plenty given that it is a pretty small school and the sport seems very good at both.

St Andrews is about 2/3 boys and 1/3 girls, the girls seem to dwindle a bit as you go up the school. P

Parents are generally normal and down-to-earth, there are a small minority at both schools who are less so!

I don't think you get many children coming from Lightwater to either school. Most come from Horsell/Woking/Woodham/West Byfleet. I would be surprised if you could do Lightwater in 20 mins at drop off and pick up time.

Feel free to PM me if you want more info!

Natalia8 Thu 24-Mar-16 12:24:30

Dear Ladies,

I've got an identical situation here. Torn between these 2 schools.
May I PM you for more details?

godhawale Thu 14-Apr-16 14:07:49

Hi, we are confused too. My DD has got admission in both schools - St Andrews and Halstead. Both as great ISI reports but unsure. Any advise ?

Mumtogremlins Sat 16-Apr-16 08:45:26

Both schools are good, it just depends on how you strongly you feel about single sex. The girls are really looked after at St A and more chance of getting into sports teams as there's less of them. Took the decision to send my DD there as there's still a good amount of girls in her year for her to have a choice of friends. And it helps her brothers are there!

samjane283 Tue 26-Apr-16 11:41:46

I had also received offers from both schools but have chosen Halstead. I had heard good things about both schools but felt that Halstead had the edge and their results are excellent. I also know of girls who have moved from St Andrews to Halstead recently. My DD is really happy at Halstead.

Natalia8 Tue 26-Apr-16 12:25:00

Thank you for sharing your feedback.
My DD is starting Halstead in September but we are moving her there from another school so she'll be in year 1. Hope she'll make friends there.

auroracostea Sun 29-May-16 20:57:15

Hi LauraC123 and Mumtogremlins and Natalia8,
We are in the process of applying for St Andrews and I was told that the waiting list is fairly long so I would like to get an idea of how long the wait would be.
I was just curious if you got a place for year 2 in sept 2016, when did you apply?

Beckyt80 Sun 29-May-16 21:11:46

The impression I get from local people is the waiting list is hit and miss / fluid ..... ie. There say there is no space ..... and then if you have a sibling you want to put in nursery (and even better if they are a girl!!!!) there suddenly is space!

fairgroundsnack Tue 31-May-16 10:58:42

We got a place at St A in year 2 in September 2015, if that's any help. We were on the waiting list from November 2013 (so from just after starting Reception).
Both Halstead and St A are lovely schools, we are really happy with them.

Arianrhod Wed 01-Jun-16 16:12:56

I'm late to the party smile, but I just wanted to say I'm a Halstead mum, my DD has been there since she was 3 in Chicks (first year nursery), she's 9 now in Year 4, and I'd be happy to answer any questions!

Rh123 Thu 09-Jun-16 21:20:40

Hello arianrhod, Natalia8 and samjane 283, are your daughters happy at halstead? Been to the school and it does look v structured but would love to have mums' feedback, my daughter is nursery age and I need to decide between hoe bridge and halstead. Thanks

Natalia8 Thu 09-Jun-16 21:58:44

Hi there,
I wish I could help you with the feedback but we are only starting in September.
But I heard lots of good things about Halstead. X

livinglooney8 Sat 11-Jun-16 15:16:47

Didn't mind Halstead, but didn't love it either, felt a bit small and limited as DC get bigger. St A seems a little more "exciting". Plus not a fan AT ALL of single sex at primary level. Senior school is a different matter. See what your DD likes?

Arianrhod Thu 05-Jan-17 10:31:15

I'm always late to the discussion! Rh123, my DD absolutely loves Halstead (she's now in Year 5). I have friends who have sons at St A, and have warned me off there, saying it's very disorganised and chaotic. One friend moved both her son and her daughter out of St A, as she felt her son was being 'put down' by the teachers (he wasn't doing well there at all), and having moved him to a different school, he then improved dramatically, making top grades in almost all his subjects within one school year.

I had to choose recently which school to register my currently 2 year old twin boys to, and although geographically St A is much easier for me to get to, because of my various friends' feedback, I haven't even considered it; my boys are now registered at Hall Grove.

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