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Anybody applied to UCS JB with dyslexia?

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amrg Mon 29-Feb-16 22:25:46

I know it says on the website they offer 2 SENs but not sure in reality how things are treated in the admissions process...

Bigbiscuits Tue 01-Mar-16 07:17:54

Anyone? I'm interested in the answer to this too.

horsemadmom Tue 01-Mar-16 07:49:42

DS (who went through UCS and is at uni now) had boys in his year with dyslexia, dyspraxia, Aspie etc. Call the JB secretary and ask if they make accommodation in 7+. Do you have an Ed Psych report? If so, send it with the application. They should be able to do things like enlarge print on the exam paper/fewer questions per page, allow DS to bring a card to block out print, use coloured overlay. A report will come from pre-prep Head detailing what DS does currently.
One of my DS's year mates has dyspraxia, AS and, I suspect, a few other labels. He's on full scholarship at Stanford currently.

Bigbiscuits Tue 01-Mar-16 08:15:12

Horsemadmom, what are all your sons friends with dyslexia doing now?

My yr4 son is on the brink of a diagnosis. And I need some good news stories about how boys with Dyslexia cope in the academic selective schools in N London. Q

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