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Leyton Primary Schools

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LBRose Sun 28-Feb-16 19:31:15

Hi there
New to mumsnet and really needing some advice.
We're thinking of moving to Leyton, Malta Road E10, but the schools are worryingly poor. Am I wrong?
This is what I've found on the catchment area map;
1. Sybourn (good) 27%
2. Willow Brook (needing improvement) 20%
3. Riverley (needing improvement) 13%
4. St Saviour's (good) 5%
Thomas Gamuel. Under 5%
Newport. Under 5%

Newport would be our choice but being that under 5% of children in the area attend then are chances are very low.

Would love to hear from parents in the area.,

zazzi Wed 08-Jun-16 12:00:33

Yes - our son goes to Newport for the past 9 months; we're reasonably happy and the leadership team is considered pretty strong. Could you try for Dawlish - it has a low rating but will improve immensely as been merged with Newport.

Apples11 Wed 08-Jun-16 14:57:59

could you not move to other parts of Leyton or be nearer to Newport if school is a concern?

We live in the Barclay Estates area of Leyton, nice family orientated area and the school opposite us, Barclays Primary has recently been awarded an Ofsted outstanding rating.

zazzi Wed 08-Jun-16 15:11:57

Barclay estate is nice, but the station is further (so depends whether you guys commute?)

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